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Charlien Van Impe

I truly believe that healing happens when you touch the hart, soul, body and mind. In that spirit I help people to help themselves with hypnosis, breath work and body work on the physical and energetic level. Respect, tailor made approach and listening to the client are the basis of my work with people.

Online Breath Coaching Bundle (4 session)
Online Private Stretch Coaching Bundle (4 sessions)
Here under you find more info about the path I took, my experience and training in both mental as wel as body oriented practices in the alternative complementary health and wellness field.

Freelance (October 2003 – Present)

Job Title: One-on-one language and communication coaching


Stretching Coach Training

Stretching Coach Certificate (September 2022)


Breath Coach Training

Breath Coach Certificate (August 2022)


Anatomy, pathology, psychology, psychopathology training

Certificate of completion (June 2008)



Hypnotherapy Certification (September 2006)


Master Practitioner NLP

Master Practitioner NLP Certificate (June 2002)

University of Limburg (Belgium)

Post Academic Training - Relation and communication

Certificate in Relation and Communication Sciences (June 2001)

Conservatory of Music

Musical Theory

Master Degree in Musical Theory (January In Progress)

I like to work in a customer oriented way, starting off from their needs and initial question. I approach the client with empathy and listen actively to him/hem. Sports and artistic activities are important for me outside the job. I like swimming, dancing and I play the piano