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Kathleen Robinson – Breathe and become

As a dedicated breathwork coach, I blend yoga breathing techniques with scientific insights to provide a personalised experience for each client. Whether you seek stress relief, better sleep, improved digestion, or balanced energy, I tailor exercises to your unique wellbeing. Discover the transformative potential of your breath under my guidance.

Through my diverse background, I have woven a unique tapestry of experience that informs my journey as a breathwork coach. In previous management positions, I adeptly coached employees to optimise their effectiveness in the workplace. More recently as I transitioned to the early years sector, I nurtured young minds to foster their growth and potential. My lifelong affinity for yoga has deeply influenced my approach as a breathwork coach. It now gives me great pleasure to be able to incorporate my professional experience with my passion for yoga to bring a scientific, safe and effective methodology to the realm of conscious breathing. By fusing my proficiency in guiding individuals with the physiological benefits of the awareness of breath, I offer a structured pathway to unleashing its transformative potential.


Breathwork Coach

Certified Breath Coach (July 2023)

Wellbeing, yoga, knitting, running, mental health, cooking
1:1 Breathwork Package — one month online
1:1 Breathwork Package — one month face to face