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Karin Guentensperger - Breath Alignment

Hi, I'm Caz. BREATH PRACTICE IS FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE LIKE YOU & I! No need to be a Yogi, to benefit from this powerful self-care tool. As a Certified Breath Coach and Certified Professional of Positive Psychology I'm passionate about mental and physical Well-Being. Ready to enhance your personal breath awareness for a more balanced life? Contact me.

Karin (Caz) Guentensperger @breath.alignment.


Breath Coaching

Certified Yoga Breath Coach (August 2023)

DGPP Berlin

Certified Professional of Positive Psychology I Recognised by DACHPP (February 2022)


Bsc. in Applied Psychology I Work, Organisational, Personnel & Health Psychology (September 2008)

Mental & Physical Well-Being I Happiness I Body-Mind connection I Human connection