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Breyana Irby

Yoga & Flexibility Teacher

Hello & Welcome! My name is Breyana and I\\\'m a Yoga & Flexibility Teacher based in Atlanta, GA. I discovered yoga after experiencing a stress-related breakdown in 2017. I was browsing online for an unrelated item when a book on balancing yoga popped up in my search and I thought, \\\" this must be for me.\\\" I ditched the item I was originally searching for and I purchased the book. Once I experienced how breathing calmly in strenuous poses helped me manage the stress in my day-to-day life, I was hooked! Now, I teach Vinyasa Yoga for stress management and general flexibility to groups and in private sessions. If you\\\'re interested, or even just a little curious about the benefits of regular yoga practice, let\\\'s chat! I\\\'ll see you on the mat.

(January 2022 – Present)

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Yoga Body

Flexibility Coach (March 2022)

Yoga Body

Yoga Instructor (June 2022)

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