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Berta is not only a wonderful woman, she is also a professional. I love the way she teaches and you can tell she takes it very seriously. I can only recommend her. Thank you Berta for being such a good mentor and above all a friend.
- Henk (Nov 2023)
Berta pays really good attention to detail even in digital classes. I felt like she was right there with me, providing feedback and encouragement where necessary. She uplifted my spirit and supported me well.
- Kim M (Nov 2021)
Berta is a great yoga teacher! I really enjoyed her classes because they are challenging enough to help you to improve your strength and your flexibility. She is always giving precise and useful cues to improve personal yoga practice! I strongly recommend her!
- Arianna (Nov 2021)
Berta is excelent yoga teachers! She worked me hard, encouraged, corrected and inspired me! Her classes are dynamic and strong! You definitely improve your form in her classes!
- Petra (Nov 2021)

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