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Megan Dillon

Megan came to yoga through a pivotal moment in her life where her health was taking a turn for the worst, and quickly. She knew she needed a change, especially when it came to her career of sitting at a computer all day. As she prayed and searched for answers, she came across an ad online for aerial yoga. It sparked her interest as she had always loved cirque performances. As she looked into training, she quickly realized she would want to start out with her foundational studies. After searching for the right school, she was signed up for the 9-month 200-hr training at Asheville Yoga Center. In between her foundational studies she was certified in Level 1 Aerial Yoga.nThrough her studies at AYC and her own practice, she quickly found how healing and beneficial yoga was for an individual. It sparked her passion and journey to help others find healing not only on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional one. She has deepened her own spiritual life and beliefs as she’s come to a better understanding and more meaningful relationship with God through yoga. She continues her studies to deepen her knowledge towards this goal; currently working on getting her Clinical Healthcare Musician Certification. She has obtained her RYT® 500, Level 2 Aerial Yoga Certification, and Trapeze Yoga Certification.n

I am an enthusiastic yoga instructor who enjoys to inspire others to improve their wellness and overall lifestyle in a way that will yield long-term results. I tend to be caring and empathetic to everyone’s path they walk as we all go through life differently, especially trauma. Every student is unique and their story matters.

Awakened Yoga Bliss (May 2019 – Present)

Job Title: Owner/Yoga Instructor

Megan's personal yoga business.

Asheville Yoga Center

Foundational Studies

RYT®-200 (May 2019)

Asheville Yoga Center

Therapeutic / Trauma / Specialized

RYT®-500 (September 2020)

Aerial Kim

Aerial Yoga

Level 1 Aerial Yoga (March 2019)

Aerial Kim

Aerial Yoga

Level 2 Aerial Yoga (June 2020)

YogaBody Yoga Teachers College

Trapeze Yoga

YogaBody Trapeze Yoga (August 2021)

Vinyasa Yoga • Yin Yoga • Restorative • Mindful Flow Yoga • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga • Aerial Yoga • Trapeze Yoga • Chair Yoga