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Tessa Ellis

Tessa is a Registered Yoga Teacher and specializes in breath-centered accessible practice for all body types and levels. She is currently a graduate student at the College of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences at SDSU. Private in-person and virtual classes are available. Please email for info and schedule.

45-Minute Virtual Gentle Chair Yoga - Beginner
$45 USD
30-minute Breathwork for Stress Management - Beginner (4-Sessions)
$100 USD
60-Minute in person beach/outdoor yoga - TBD
$100 USD
35 - Minute Stress Management Session - Beginner (4-Sessions Recommended)
$40 USD
Virtual Gentle Chair Yoga for Seniors
A gentle morning yoga practice for beginners. You may sit on a sturdy chair or wheelchair.
Saturday Dec 18, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM