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alex cass

Yoga Trapeze(r) teacher based in Weybridge, UK offering private sessions in-person and via zoom.

Alex is a certified Yoga Trapeze(r) teacher based in Weybridge, UK. With a background in competitive rowing, Alex is passionate about the importance of mobility work for sports performance - as well as its more recognised role in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Alex has been a qualified rowing coach for 20 years, and in 2010 was a joint recipient of British Rowing's Coach of the Year Award. Alex now does triathlons, and mobility work forms an important part of her own cross-training.

(January 2021 – Present)

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(May 2021)

British Rowing

Instructors Award (January 2001)

Yoga Trapeze, mobility for competitive sports, rowing, triathlon, swim, bike, run, open water swim.