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Zeenath Selvakumar

Allowing body and intentional breath to integrate is a way to purposefully self regulate. When this happens many opportunities arise. I look forward to helping you uncover these tools with breathing exercises.

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years. The experience when breath and body unite during movement is unforgettable. The body uses the breath to work through our nervous system and have a better experience as we move during a yoga practice, hold asanas (poses) or even as we practice stillness.

My Zenergy (June 2019 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Zenergy Life Coaching (January 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Conscious Parenting Coach, Life Coach

Joy Yoga Yoga Training


200 Hour (March 2018)

Breath Coach Training

Breath Coach

YogaBody Breath Coach Training (January 2023)

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