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Rob Lamprey

Rob has been practicing and teaching breath meditation for over 40 years in the hills of Vermont. He taught Aikido for 25 years but has recently been transitioning to Yoga as a means of maintaining health and well-being. He is currently studying to obtain his YTT 200 with Yogabody Teachers College.

Lamprey Appraisal (June 1988 – Present)

Job Title: Owner/Appraiser



YTC 200 (November 2022)


Breath Coach Training

Certifed Breath Coach (June 2022)


Science of Stretching

Certified Stretch Coach (February 2023)

Center for Yoga Psychology

300-hr YTC

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Ceritifaction Program (May 2022)

I began meditating seriously at age 29. After a few years of not making much progress, I had the great good fortune to meet study under one of the great Tibetan teachers of the 20th century, Chogyam Trungpa. I joined the staff of his meditation center in Barnet, Vermont, and resided there in 1983 and 1984. In 1984, I attended and “graduated” from the Buddhist Seminary Trunpga founded. I later studies extensively with other profound Tibetan teachers. I embarked on a long career of teaching meditation and studies in the Buddhist and Shambhala tradition. In 1994 I began studying the Art of Aikido and continued that pursuit, eventually becoming the head instructor of my dojo. I taught this art as a contemplative practice and introduced mindfulness meditation. Aikido focuses on harmonizing with the energy of a practice partner rather than fighting against it. In Aikido we practice harmonizing body and mind, just as we do in meditation practice. What are the fruits of all this study and practice? I am also a Certified Breath Coach and Certifed Stretch Coach.. I recently completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training. With all this practice and training, I like to think I am a more helpful human being now than when I started. My interests are ornamental gardening, Japanese Flower Arranging, teaching and practicing meditation, and teaching and practicing Aikido.
Science of Strertching Intro Class
Good Yoga for Bad Knees