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Amanda Heijmeijer

Yoga Trapeze - Private Class
Yoga Trapeze - 1 Month
Yoga Trapeze - 2 Month
Yoga Trapeze - 3 Month
My name is Amanda, but everybody calls me Peach, as I have a natural zest for life l RYT200 l I started my yoga journey in Goa - India as a 200 hours Ashtanga - Vinyasa Yoga Teacher - 2020 (Sampoorna).

Beach Monkeyz - Egypt (August 2021 – August 2021)

Job Title: Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Pole Emotions - Switzerland (October 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

FSG - La Rivraine - Switzerland (February 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Sampoorna Yoga - Goa, India

Ashtanga - Vinyasa Yoga

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Ashtanga - Vinyasa Flow Yoga (January In Progress)

Yoga Body - Madrid, Spain

Yoga Trapeze

30 hours - Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training (February 2022)

Profession: Yoga Teach - Certified Trainer in Coffee & Sport Industrie and Lifebook Leader Intrest: Loving Sports, Make-Up and personal development programme, with the aim of independent thinking & creating your very own and desired Lifestyle through Lifebook.

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