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I took yakov and his family to a jeep tour in eilat city in israel,yakov spirit is amazing and we realy felt connected in any way. The breathtaking views combined with the engagement with yakov was great. I hope other people will have the luck to meet yakov.
- Oren Shalev (Jan 2023)
Wow, Rav Ya’akov is a very special rabbi with great abilities to respond quickly and correctly to questions and bring halacha down to life. His breathing and mindful activities penetrate your essence and give you the sense of full life. Hashem should continue to strengthen his skills to bring more holiness to earth. Thanks rabbi.
- Matthew Culberson (Jan 2023)
Mindfulness, awareness, appreciation, gratitude, strength, and faith are a few words that come to mind. I have deep appreciation for Yakov. Through these sessions, he has influenced my life as a musician, my health, my faith, and how I carry myself altogether. Thank you.
- Shawn Karson (Jan 2023)
I've been to multiple classes with the FlexiRabbi and every single one has been outstanding. No matter how I've felt at the beginning, I always come out feeling amazing. If you're looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing - physically and spiritually, I highly recommend Rabbi Werde's training and classes. I've seen him teach total beginners and athletes alike and everyone so far has the same great experience.
- Joseph Davis (Dec 2022)
Rabbi Werde (aka The FlexiRabbi) is a fantastic yoga instructor and a wonderful person. I took some classes with him at his studio in Pomona where he blended theory with a ton of great practical instruction. Results speak for themselves, and I feel amazing! Whether you're looking to stop mild or chronic pain from tight muscles / tension / poor posture, strengthen your body and mind, I highly recommend you give the FlexiRabbi a try.
- Yosef Davis (Nov 2022)
FlexiRabbi is a great instructor because he is patient and generous with his knowledge. No doubt you will enjoy if give it a try.
- Moshe Friedman (Oct 2022)
Over the course of the three High Holy Days Rabbi Werde led over 200 people attending our beachfront beginners services through uplifting breath based meditations. He also led inspiring pre-service Shabbos & Yom Tov appropriate gentle chair based Yoga that guided attendees into a telexed open spirit that enhanced their personal prayers. This is the fifth year Rabbi Werde has enhanced our community prayer services with his inspiring interactive style. Our community members enjoy his warm open style. I highly recommend the "FlexiRabbi" to my fellow Chabad Shluchim looking for new avenues to increase community growth and involvement.
- Eli Goodman (Oct 2022)
It was absolutely amazing how Rabbi Yakov got all the Shluchim involved and engaged..from Young Shluchim to the Senior Shluchim. All in the comfort of their seats and in their regular clothing!
- Hillel Baron (Aug 2022)
His presentation was very interesting and useful!
- Velvel Belinsky (Aug 2022)
I attended a truly excellent class with Rabbi Werde at Chabad of Woodstock. Mind you I am a lifelong serious athlete- martial artist, mountain climber and yoga practitioner- but I received a lot from it. So did the more sedentary and injured attendees. At the end of the class I felt both physically and Spiritually invigorated. I especially appreciated that Rabbi Werde also concurrently tied in his teachings to Yiddishkeit. Too often teachings that have their origin in the East are unnecessarily tied in with those cultures' religious traditions. Rabbi Werde is performing a great service- he will undoubtedly help many Jews to become healthier and better able to perform Mitzvot!
- Ezra ben-Pesach (Jul 2022)
Thank you, it was an awesome session! The people really loved it
- Rabbi Mendy Karczag: Woodstock Chabad (Jul 2022)
Within seconds, Flexi Rabbi is in tune with your entire energy and adapts to draw you in at your level and then guides you to soar! Just one meeting boosts me for en entire year!
- Boruch Nemtzov (May 2022)
As a fitness enthusiast I know the importance of stretching, yet have always struggled to fit it in. @flexirabbi class was accessible, easy to follow, and fun. Over an hour flew by and I left feeling more relaxed, flexible, and energized. Can’t beat the convenience of a neighborhood class, with high quality instruction, and good vibes. Excited to make this a regular part of my schedule!
- Yehudi (May 2022)
Thank you so much this was incredible I feel like a different person thank you! My first time doing yoga and @flexirabbi was a great teacher !! Highly recommend!
- Yosef (May 2022)
I never stretch before with a coach. I’ve had two sessions with Yaakov. I need more time to see if it’s beneficial. That being said I give Yaakov five stars. He’s knowledgeable, Upbeat, and tailors ihe session to my needs and ability. Third session here I come.
- Yaakov (Nov 2021)
I tried a stretching session with the Rabbi. I am surprised how even after just 1 hour I am already seeing a difference. Can't wait for the next class.
- Shalom (Nov 2021)
I have been hesitant for many years to do any intense stretching , after some persuasion I tried the science of stretching with @flexirabbi and felt transformed by my short session. I will definitely be going back for more
- Gary (Nov 2021)
I have been hesitant for many years to do any intense stretching after some persuasion I tried the science of stretching with the @flexirabbi and felt transformed from my short session. Will definitely be going back for more.
- Gary (Nov 2021)

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