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Rebecca Novick

I came to yoga relatively late in life as a way to stay strong and supple so that I could continue to do what I love the most – traveling. I never expected that it would completely change my life. I had studied in various spiritual traditions for decades, most notably Tibetan Buddhism. I was fortunate to practice under the guidance of remarkable teachers; I wrote and edited several texts and books on Buddhist practice, followed the teachings and joined retreats. And yet, I always felt something was missing. In my capacity as Communications Director for several international Buddhist conferences, I began to learn more about other Buddhist schools which culminated in a Masters Degree in Buddhist Studies from the University of Wales. This period of study brought me into contact with teachers of the non-dual philosophy of Advaita Vedanta However, it wasn’t until I discovered yoga and pranayama that I was able to meaningfully integrate spirituality into my everyday lived experience. I discovered that a body first approach can offer a gateway to spiritual development, especially to those who feel stuck in traumatic patterns. I am always interested in the emerging intersection between modern science and ancient wisdom traditions, and I have developed Body Awareness courses that combine the two. My yoga approach is influenced by my root yoga teacher, Sri Surinder Singh, from Swasti Yoga, Rishikesh, who trains in the Bihar School, and the science and practice of nervous system regulation, especially by Dr. Stephen Porges. This exposure gave me enormous appreciation for the power of breath regulation to change our mental, emotional and physical state or ‘ground’ of being. I trained under Lucas Rockwood of YOGABODY as a Breathing Coach to communicate breathing practices to people who cannot commit to a long program of study within each individual’s own levels of comfort and needs. My motto is always ‘Respect yourself, explore yourself.’

4 session breath better course
Introduction to Your Ground Yoga
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