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Virginie Desplaces

Yoga Trapeze® instructor, Hatha Yoga teacher, flexibility coach, hypnotherapist, heal your life® workshop leader, founder of Hozhoni Journeys.

Yoga teacher, transformational well-being experiences expert, hypnotherapist, founder of Hozhoni Journeys, healthy lifestyle foodie, passionate UAE cultural & travel Expat, super happy mama, stepmom & gran’ma, vibrant nomadic woman in her early 50.

NOMAD Relocations (January 2005 – September 2012)

Job Title: Founder

HOZHONI Journeys (January 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Founder

Thousand Petaled Lotus

Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 hours (March 2019)


Trapeze Yoga Teacher (February 2021)


Flexibility Coach (October 2020)

I have a passion for supporting & inspiring women with transformational tools, tips and wellness programs that improve and balance their everyday life. My family, friends & clients love my healthy cooking!
Trapeze Yoga Private Class - 1 month pack (4 classes)
Hatha & Flexibility Yoga Private Class 1h15

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