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Vicky Johnson

Health, what a gift, but with strings attached! I have been a Crossfit coach since 2018, nutrition coach since 2022, a Science of Stretching yogi for 3 months, and in-training yogi student. I realize the interconnectedness of all facets of life and the intentionality necessary to increase and maintain health. Join me in this journey.

I have long been a fan of Yoga and know that the Science of Stretching yoga modality will benefit people who want more flexibility and range of motion. I want to share this experience with everyone I can to help them move more comfortably through their daily lives and improve their activity performance, I see lack of ROM holding back Crossfitters from reaching their full potential and want to strategize improvements for performance AND health goals. Mobility is one facet of deep health. Deep health is a person\\\\\\\'s overall well=being in the social, emotional, environmental, existential, physical, and mental components of their lives. My other passion is nutrition and the effects it has on all the elements of deep health. I collaborate with you to develop practices, skills and actions to reach your nutritional goals.

FireHouse CrossFit (September 2019 – Present)

Job Title: Coach

Marion County Juvenile Department (February 1985 – February 2020)

Job Title: Management

Western Oregon University


BS (December 2023)

Precision Nutrition


Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1 (November 2022)

Precision Nutrition

Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery

Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery Coach (February 2024)

All things healthy and moving. I am gluten free and practicing baking and cooking in a new way. Spending time with my seven grandchildren, gardening and preserving food for off season consumption.
30 minute Discovery Class: Science of Stretching
3 week Science of Stretching Introductory class
Individual Classes for 3 week intro class for Science of Stretching
Private Yoga Instruction - 4 weeks
One hour nutrition consultation
12 week nutrition coaching
One session of Nutrition Coaching
Private Yoga Stretching Lesson