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Veronique Pelletier

Podcast Interview - Breath With V
90 min Breathing Class
120 min Rtt Hypnotherapy Session
Trained and Graduated from RTT Marisa Peer Hypnotherapy School in 2022. Graduated from Yoga Body Breathwork Facilitator in July 2022. I teach and mix the two powerful modalities of Breathwork and Hypnosis. I facilitate in person and Online in both Language. French and English. Excited to Breath with you 🌹

Breath With V / Abondance Holistique (February 2022 – Present)

Job Title: CEO- Breathwork Coach and Hypnotherapist

RTT Marisa Peer School


Rapid Transformation Therapy (January 2022)


Breathwork Coach

Breathwork Facilitator (August 2022)

(January In Progress)