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Phenomenal instructor that offers a practice that will meet each student where they are.
- Ryan Nichols (Feb 2023)
Travis is a great flexibility and yoga instructor. He is very knowledgeable and encourages everyone to work at your personal level to get the most out of each class. It’s amazing to see the progress you can achieve with his instruction
- Pamela Loye (Feb 2023)
Since undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer I have struggled with Lymphedema, scar tissue, cording, and fibrosis/fusion that severely affects the use of my right arm, and my range of motion. I have spent countless hours at PT and seeing Drs trying to improve and get relief. I was told this was as good as it gets and I accepted that it must be the case. Travis led me through one session( so far) of Flexibility coaching focusing on the shoulders and chest. It was an immensely positive experience. He thoroughly explained every move, encouraging me along the way, and reminding me to focus on the breathing pattern. I could feel tension start to release the longer I held the pose. It was very grounding, I was able to be fully present in my body, allowing my mind a much needed break from the daily stresses of past and future worries. By the time the session was over I felt really good! In the morning upon waking I found I was able to reach my arm up higher and with significantly less pain to grab my coffee cup. While this may seem to be minor to some, to me, this was monumental. This has given me great hope. I cannot speak more highly of Travis. He is a phenomenal instructor and extraordinary human being. I absolutely will be attending more of his classes and recommend them to all of my family and friends.
- Christa (Frank) Tyler (Nov 2021)
Travis is the man! I have been doing his workouts for a very short time but what I have gained already in flexibility alone is mind-blowing. Travis is great at pushing us just enough. My wife and I will now be loyal members of his community for life.
- Chris High (Nov 2021)
I have been practicing yoga with Travis since October 2019. I live in a world of chronic back pain and not one doctor can find a solution. Travis's DDPY and Science of Stretching classes are the only relief I get for my pain. Not only does Travis have a wide variety of classes for all fitness levels, but he continues to provide new opportunities for his students. Travis is open to answering my questions and is a delight to have as an instructor! I'd recommend his classes over any other yoga program! Travis is the best!!
- Lillie (Sep 2021)
Travis's personality is perfect for teaching these classes. Calm, cool, and collected. His voice and demeanor makes it easy to achieve wet noodle. I feel so welcomed and he's willing to go above and beyond for his students to help them if necessary. Great classes. Highly recommend!
- Stacy Podgorski (Sep 2021)
As an instructor Travis is at the top of his game. His clear instructions and reassurances that what you can do is just fine is great motivation. His reminders to modify where needed and not to rush moves is very helpful. As a person with very tight hips these flexibility classes are truly going to help me with every day life. The classes are calm and relaxing. I would truly recommend these classes to all. Thanks Travis.
- Andy Hiskett (Sep 2021)
Travis is a very knowledgeable instructor who understands that every person has their own skill and ability level. His Science of Stretching program is tough, but definitely a program that allows you see benefits in your flexibility. Modifications are encouraged in order to allow for optimized mechanics, leading to more benefit. Whether it’s stretching or DDPY, Travis is a definite rock star. Did I mention, he has some pretty sweet playlists too!
- Rick Anderson (Aug 2021)
Travis is such a knowledgeable, & supportive instructor! He has so much patience& takes time to answer all questions you may have. Travis meets you at whatever level you are at & will help your work towards your goals 🍀 5 stars, definitely recommend!
- AMG (Aug 2021)
Travis is a phenomenal instructor and so worth every minute of time you get to spend in a class! He is so giving and works with any ability level. All are welcomed and we always have such a fun time!
- Caitlin (Aug 2021)
The ONLY reason this fella gets a 4 star review from me, is because he only continues to improve in his teaching style! Every time I’m able to jump in a class (it’s hit and miss), he only gets better each time! He continues to learn and grow his teaching portfolio to better teach his students! He’s worth 5 stars, but I know he hasn’t reached his full potential, but when he does, y’all better be ready for it! He’s an incredible instructor, mentor, and friend!
- Dobbins (Aug 2021)
Travis does an incredible job of not only explaining and demonstrating every position, but he also explains the transitions and the impact these flows have on the body. I have found him to be deeply student-oriented and consistently looking for ways to be more inclusive of those with unique needs or simply to find an approachable way for them to achieve their goals. I cannot recommend Travis enough as a coach and/or as a mentor!
- Jason Sparks (Aug 2021)

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