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Tiffini Gibbs

I help everyday athletes gain and maintain flexibility to perform their best in their sport and life.

Month of Flexibility Coaching- 4 classes 1 per week
Hi! I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 8 years but wanted to have more tools to help my clients get better results. By adding Flexibility and Nutrition Coaching clients are applying a Deep Health approach and seeing great benefits. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you!

Portland Community College (January 2014 – Present)

Job Title: Personal Trainer, Flexibility Coach

Yoga Teachers Alliance

Science of Stretching

Flexibility Coach (February 2023)

Portland Community College

Execise Science

Associates Degree (June 2016)

Precision Nutrition

Nutrtion and Life Coaching

PN-Level 1 (October 2022)

Avid runner here and that’s what brought me to deep dive into nutrition and flexibility, to improve my form and times. I never imagined how life changing it would be physically and mentally for me. I live in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon with my two bulldogs and Fiance.