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I took my boyfriends mother who, is 73 to a mobility class. Megan made her feel awesome! Megan was able to help her with every move, she really struggles with mobility so this class was very helpful. Every move Megan adapted to her needs while she coached the rest of us. I’m so happy we went today and experienced Tempest Yoga.
- Katie G (May 2023)
For a newbie to yoga I was very comfortable in class. Megan made sure every movement had substations based off of your skill level. I appreciate that. Her class was so relaxed and honestly I wasn’t ready to be done afterwards. I was so relaxed and it felt so good. Looking forward to my next class with Megan.
- Amanda (Mar 2023)
I have rarely ever done yoga but Megan taught the class in an easy-to-follow manner and made me feel at ease doing something new. I would definitely go back again for an hour of relaxation.
- Courtney (Mar 2023)
I feel like this class met me where I was …. I didn’t feel embarrassed if I couldn’t do something and Megan was there to help move me if I needed it. I would definitely take another class with her.
- Jennifer (Mar 2023)
10 out of 5- I would recommend!!! Megan is kind, patient and knowledgeable. Time in her class flows so fast, cause you really enjoy the stretch and work you do, without noticing you actually do workout. I felt relaxed and calm afterwards. I definitely will come back. If you think about it starting Megan is the one you want to start this journey with!
- Justyna (Mar 2023)
Megan has so much knowledge and her passion for yoga shines through in every class. As a client who had lupus she makes sure to check in and provide movements if my joints are extra sore or stiff that day. I appreciate that she always pays attention to body placement and will adjust as needed. I’ve grown in confidence and strength in yoga practice since starting.
- Kayleigh (Mar 2023)
Outstanding instructor! Megan makes yoga so comfortable and learnable! She has been patient, works hard to cater the lesson towards what I need and knows when to push me. Can’t recommend her enough. Just fabulous.
- Katie U (Mar 2023)

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