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Tamara Gold

Tamara Gold, Yoga Therapist, NeuroCoach & Grand MasterFor 34-years, I've helped thousands of people to eliminate chronic stress, hip-back pain, and learn to harness their own healing potential through a fusion of brain-based Movement Neurology, Yoga Therapy, Advanced Mindfulness, AumaKhua-Ki® Meditation, Yoga Psychology, and evidence-based NeuroCoaching strategies. Welcome to the Empowered Living Yoga & Lifestyle Community. My mission is to share high-quality, holistic, and effective pain relief strategies that you can easily implement on-and-off your mat. For 34-years I've specialized in high performance, hip, back, spinal, and complex pain/injury. Specifically helping chronic pain sufferers or those on the brink of burnout, from all over the world, reclaim their life, energy, vitality, and passion for living again. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE 90-DAY ONLINE YOGA THERAPY PROGRAM WAITLIST HERE: