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Tadeja Pavšič - Yoga

Helping you unlock flexibility, reduce stress, and find inner calm through the power of yoga and mindful stretching. Join me on the mat for a transformative journey!

Private 60 min Yoga class - in person
Private 60 min Yoga Class - on Zoom
Private 30 min Yoga Class - in perosn
Private 30 min Yoga Class - on Zoom
Nutritional Coaching - 60 min
Follow-up Nutritional Coaching
Package (10 classes) - only for groups - by prior agreement
I first encountered yoga as a student. Due to long hours of sitting, I had back pain, which led me to realize the need for movement. I started practicing yoga, which gave me a lot of self-awareness and a better understanding of my body. Since I also enjoy other forms of physical activity, I practiced yoga only occasionally. However, I returned to regular practice during COVID lockdown because I realized that I could achieve inner freedom despite restrictions. Yoga practice means discipline, love and trust to me. When I am on the mat, the world stops and I become myself - I feel connected and grounded. I am willing to share my knowledge with those who also desire it.

Tadeja Pavšič s.p. (July 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga teacher

Nataraya Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga

200 hr RYS (April 2023)

Yoga Body


Science of Stretching Certified Coach (August 2023)

Stretching and flexibility. Body awareness. Acceptance. Finding joy in movement.