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Danuta Chalkitis

#LIFE LOVER #Pediatrician #Certified Yoga teacher (RYT200) #Meditation teacher (100hr) #Breathwork coach # Ayurvedic Specialist# Plant medicine #Detox coach #Doula #Sound healing facilitator #Artist #Writer #Passionated dancer >> Life is about accepting the things how they are. I just wrote a beautiful „about“ text which all the sudden ended up nowhere. I truly exposed my very personal story there and all the sudden it was gone. Ment to be? Probably you should find more out about this „DANUTA“ by just getting to know her in person, without knowing yet, what her little secrets, wake up calls and big life challenges were in order to make her change and finally listen to this voice within. Promise, she needed several very dramatic and painful wake up calls in order to truly change something. Probably you should not have too many informations about me and my story, rather than just trusting the process and deciding right now in this very present moment if you are committed to make a change in your life and feel drawn to participate with me and other like minded beautiful people to let beautiful thing within you unfold. To be honest. I never found anything special about myself although I had a very good curriculum. But I could not accept it easy when someone said something nice to me or when they praised me. I remember at our school graduation when I won a price for social engagement taking the microphone away from the lady and saying „ Okay thank you, enough said about me let`s go on“. But NOW I would say there is something special about me. Whenever I got into big life crisis, life brought me exactly the right tools and instruments, books, encounters, in order to heal myself. Whether it was tibetan singing bowls, meditation journeys, shamanic breathwork, Yoga, nutrition, self love and care or only being out hiking the highest peaks of mountains, I always got back on track. I never gave up and I always tried to get myself out there. And I succeeded. Crisis comes from greek and it means changing point in life. So this is what I stand for. Take whatever crisis might occur and help people to get back on track. A HEALR MUST FIRST DO HER OWN WORK OF HEALING BEFORE SHE HELPS AN OTHER TO DO THE SAME“. „A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone, who holds space for you while you awaken your own inner healer, so that you may heal yourself. He can trigger you in order to make you see what wants to be seen and transformed. He walks you to the path where you discover the beginning of your own ability to heal.“

ThePRESENTLife (August 2018 – Present)

Job Title: Universal, multiversal work

MY „RUN OF LIFE“ WITH IMPORTANT STOPOVERS 04/1986: little DANUTA is born, premature with some heart issues, but she was a taff one and wanted to stay here and made it. 2002-2003: exchange student in MAZATLAN, Mexico. First awakening of my soul. The shy girls turn into a opened, adventurous girl. Seed was planted to want to see different life cultures and experience to life abroad. 2004: volunteer and reporter, text write for local newspaper at the olympic games in Athens (I wanted to become a journalist but in the end decided I will be better in medicine=) 2005-2012: studies of human medicine in Germany (lucky I did it faster than expected to have one year off, which was one of my greatest life experiences, becoming a ski instructor for people with any kind of disabilities) 2009-2010: ski instructor at the National Sports center for the disabled in Winterpark, Colorado, USA, Coach of Paralympic mexican ski alpine TEAM, 2011: medical training in South Africa, Namibia and Brazil 2012-2018: medical residency, universital hospital Bern Switzerland, specialization pediatrics, 2017-2018: sound healing training under Gabriele Glaus (Switzerland), 2018: Yoga teacher HATHA Yoga (RYT 200Hr), Gong Training 2019: Gave up my job as pediatrician out of nothing, inner call from somewhere during a retreat in Italy, meditation teacher training (100hr) with Punnu Singh Was (India), Detoxcoach formation/raw chef food cook under Dr. Amy Rachelle (USA), fasting experience of 30 days of only water and green liquids in Bali, Indonesia, 2019-2021: Ayurvedic medicine studies at the european Ayurvedic academy, Germany under Prof. Dr. Shivenarain Gupta (India), Prof. Mittwede (Germany) 2020-2021: plant medicine at Freiburger Heilpflanzenschule (Germany), Doula formation with Melanie Schöne (Germany) and training of Angelina Martinez Miranda (traditional mexican midwife fourth generation), living outdoors in nature summer 2020 for 1month 2021: Breath work training with Yogabody Lukas Rockwood (Spain) 2022: no more trainings or studies, just life itself READY FOR TAKE OFF with all of you (September 2021)

My biggest interest is LIFE itself. What are we doing here, where are we coming from. How does our body work? Do we have a soul plan and soulmates and a soul family? What are body, mind and soul exactly? Can we experience this? Do we have spiritual guides or guiding angels? How to connect with them? How to connect to the voice within? What does unity mean? How can we overcome our fears and doubts? What is the key to a balanced, joyful life? How can I take care of my body? How does my thinking effect my whole life? What does self love mean and do with myself and my surrounding? What daily rituals can I create for life? How can I reconnect with my true essence, life in harmony with nature and use all the universal power that exists in this planet? How can the stars and planets effect our daily life? What is a holistic approach to healing and self understanding? How can we wake up in the world we want to life in? How can we acknowledge, respect each other, recognize talents within us and give them good soil to grow? How should we educate and guide our children of the new world? How can we heal from our past, let go and begin a new life, which is totally us? How about using our multiversal and universal skills and create a world we want to life in? My interest is to get out the very best version of ourselves in order to enter in the flow of life. My interest is, why are you here beloved brother or sister and how can I serve you?
AIR my BODY, fire my SOUL!