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Thordis Berger

Thordis Berger is a certified Stretching Coach. She is also a medical doctor and obtains certifications in Lifestyle Medicine and Nutrition.

Thordis Berger is medical doctor, Chief Medical Officer of an international Health Club. She is a certificated Health and Fitness Lifestyle Advisor, certificated in Culinary Medicine, Plant Based Nutrition and Therapeutic Fasting.

Health Club (January 2015 – Present)

Job Title: Chief Medical Officer


Science of Stretching

Science of Stretching Certified Coach (June 2023)

Akademie für Integratieves Fasten

Therapeutic Fasting

Medical Advisor for Fasting Therapy (May 2022)

Harvard Medical School

Culinary Medicine

Culinary Medicine Certification (July 2022)

European Lifestyle Medicine Organization

Lifestyle Medicine

Health and Fitness Lifestyle Advisor (January 2021)



Plant Based Nutrition Certification (September 2020)

I have the deepest respect for the body’s ability to heal itself and I am passionate about health and well-being.