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Shelle Dixon

Want more mobility for your active hobby? Wish you could sit comfortably on the floor? I teach private & group stretching classes.

Hiya I’m Shelle! I absolutely adore being active and hanging upside down! I became passionate about the body and it’s muscles after years of being a clutz in aerial arts (since 2014) and soccer. I’ve personally found massage and stretching to be the best thing to help bounce back from injuries, and provide my body with the maintenance it needs to be able to keep doing the things I love. I have a special and personal interest in working with things like frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. I also love getting my hands on necks and headaches! I mainly focus on working with motivated and proactive people who want to spend their amazing lives being able to enjoy their active hobbies.

Seashelle Massage (November 2017 – Present)

Job Title: Owner & Massage Therapist

Evolve College

Diploma Remedial Massage (June 2018)


Science of Stretching Coach (September 2022)

When I’m not massaging or running stretching classes, I’m usually with the family, hanging out upside down or doing my own self care stuff!