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Secretarial Science; Commerce - Business Management Graduate; Certified Yoga Teacher and Breathing Coach by Yoga Teachers College.

I provide very high standard care to elderly people who chose to stay in their own home maintaining their dignity and best life quality promoting empathy and deep understanding making sure they are healthy and happy. I am a Certified Breath Coach and Yoga Teacher teaching YOGABODY style.

Huish House Episcopy Learning Disability Home (July 2017 – December 2019)

Job Title: Care Assistant

Assessing young adults with learning disability includes shopping, cooking, house keeping and taking them out daily for trips

University of Mindanao, Philippines; West Suffolk College, UK, Yoga Teachers College

Clerical & Stenography, Commerce

Secretarial Science/ Business Management/Breath Coach Training/Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training (March 1996)

I am keen on Clerical work and passionate about caring for anyone who needs my service as Health Care provider. I felt much fulfilled to provide care to those helpless vulnerable people. I am a health enthusiast, putting much effort in keeping myself, my family and friends and all the people I am taking care of, fit and healthy. I am extremely interested in running my own business. I am currently progressing in building my own lodging house back in the Philippines, with a built in small community, with small shop, restaurant, enternet cafe, laundry, sports facilities and yoga studio to cater and serve my boarders. I am very excited in teaching Yoga and breath coaching anywhere in the world, I always love inspiring people. I love music, arts, reading, travelling when I can, gardening and cooking.
My name is Sheleph, I’m originally from the Philippines but now based in Somerset, United Kingdom! I am very proud to say that I am a BREATH COACH and a YOGA TEACHER! I teach YOGABODY STYLE fitness, focusing on strength and flexibility! I discovered Yoga and breathing when I hit the rock bottom of my serious depression, stress and anxiety August 2020! But just before the lockdown, I lost my everything! My home, my children, everything! Even my talking voice! I can’t talk and walk far without shaking! My health was deteriorating fast! I was diagnosed a very early stage of breast cancer! I stopped talking to my friends and immediate family back home! I was on my very own and my pills for several months on a constant suicidal mood! Then lockdown came! I was typing a farewell message to all my friends and loved ones on the social media, clasping all my anti-depressants, paracetamols, sleeping pills and water on my lap ready to swallow them all, some notifications suddenly crashing down my mobile phone screen one after the other, covering what I was typing! I was in tears and totally lost myself! I accidentally pressed one of these notifications and it was all about managing stress anxiety and depression! It was like talking to me! I lost all the farewell messages that I typed and can’t even get back to my wall! From that day onwards, I woke up and made a choice! To die a loser or carry on and fight to win and inspire people. I realised that the only person to help myself is me! From there on, I did my very best to bend, stretch and breath! I had no home to stay, so I decided to work as a live-in full time private health care provider and whatever the weather, I go out in their garden each morning to exercise! I slowly regain my health back and last December, YTC, suddenly appeared on my notification! The 200 HTT! It was Lucas explaining it all! I read all the offers and it’s principles. I like the non-religious side of it so much! All I ever want to learn was how to do the proper transitions so I can hopefully teach it to my friends and loved ones! The added anatomical studies was such a huge bonus package to me and I’ve learned beyond fitness, breathing and movement! It was more than worth doing! It changed my life so much and it opened up a complete different world for me! The YTC community and my practice teacher partners are such lovely people! Everyone are very inspiring, helpful and supportive! Each day I am inspired by what I have discovered and I am fully dedicated into learning more! I got my health back, I gain bravery and I slowly got my voice back! Plus I’m now able to speak in-front of people via social media! I started teaching recently and enjoying every minute of it! Much more, I gain my youthful self back and have so many compliments about it! I’ll teach yoga forever anywhere in the world! I really encourage anyone to be mindful of yourself! Don’t risk your health and never take it for granted! Never give up when your low self creeps on you! You are far too special to give up! Do something! You are a winner! You just need to show it! Do YOGA with me!

(January 2021 – Present)

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