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Shanika is an inspiring teacher with an enormous love for yoga. Her instructions are clear and specific for each student. She is attentive to each details and she is a motivating and reassuring teacher! I loved taking class with her!
- Arianna F (Nov 2021)
I enjoyed taking classes with Shanika. The calmness in her voice as well as simple instructions allow me to achieve the poses comfortably. The transition from one pose to another flows so effortlessly, it’s easy to see that she carefully plans her classes. Looking forward to more classes with her
- Claudiane (Nov 2021)
Shanika is such a wonderful teacher—so glad to have found her! Her Zoom sessions are terrific. I love her active vinyasa sequences. Her cues are detailed and easy to follow and she's got such a calm and reassuring manner. Listening to instructions I feel empowered and strong. She gives personal attention to each student throughout the session. Highly recommend!
- Karen R (Nov 2021)

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