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Shanika Benoit

Thank you for being here! I hope to introduce you, or encourage you to further your practice in Yoga. I discovered Yoga about 10 years ago, and it became my go to practice for flexibility, strength and an overall health/balance in life. Come with me, let's discover your hidden life that is Yoga!

I am a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Lactation Educator. I educate and assist new parents with their newborns, ensuring that they are confident, comfortable and fully equipped to take on their new life as a family. Now, I have ventured on to my other passion, which is Yoga. Becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher has given me the skills and knowledge to help develop and expand your practice, so that I can guide you to becoming more flexible, strong and confident in your body.

New Heartbeats LLC (August 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Founder/Owner

Yoga Teachers College

Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training

Certificate (September In Progress)

Delighted to Doula/CAPPA

Lactation Education

CAPPA Certified Lactation Educator (May 2021)

Newborn Care Solutions

Newborn Care Specialist

Certified Newborn Care Specialist (January 2020)

Yoga Teachers College

Breath Coach

Certificate (April 2022)

Writing Poetry, Latin Dancing, Yoga!
Breath Coach - Whiskey Category
Breath Coach - Balance Breathing
BreathCoach - Coffee Category
Immersion 2 Final Teaching Exam
Immersion 1 exam