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I really enjoyed my stretch class online with Holly! Through this class I’ve discovered that stretching provides a great workout for me! I am 41 years old and discovering that I haven’t stretched enough throughout my life! This is going to make a big difference in the way I feel physically and in my general well-being! Holly is so friendly and provides easy to understand instructions! I definitely look forward to future classes with her!
- Amy Doyle (Oct 2023)
This class was great! I am only 24 but with 3 kids I don't have time to exercise and I have become very tight! After just one of your stretch classes, I was able to move more freely and I actually slept better that night!
- Olivia (Sep 2023)
I was very happy with our first class! Looking forward to the others. Very excited to start limbering up. You're a great trainer Holly!
- Candace Edmonds (Sep 2023)
Really enjoyed the low key stretching class I participated in in line. Easy to follow and very friendly group. I’m starting over after having spine issues and think these stretching techniques will definitely help me. Thanks Hilly for inviting me God bless
- Susan Fogle (Sep 2023)

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