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Reviews for Serap Ozoglu Topdemir

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I really enjoy Serap’s classes. They are increadible! Serap has such a warm and inviting personality, making her a fantastic instructor. She's very positive and supportive and gently guides you through your practice. Serap will challenge you, but at the same time, she will keep you safe with clear and precise instructions. I highly recommend taking Serap’s yoga classes, and you will be inspired and motivated to achieve your personal goals.
- Zara (Dec 2022)
I LOVE working with Serap! She is really warm and welcoming! Her Rolling Bow was so intense! Yet, when I finally accomplished it, she was so excited! I could feel her joy over Zoom. She was genuinely happy for me. I couldn't help but feel so good! She is great with her instructions and a wonderful teacher! I really recommend taking her classes!
- Anna Wilson Bean (Dec 2022)
Serap is a wonderful Yoga teacher: her passion, knowledge, skills, kindness and patience shine through in her classes. When taking her class, you feel assured and confident in her care. I would highly recommend taking a class with and will continue to do so in future x\0/x
- Mish Robinson (Nov 2022)

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