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Serap Ozoglu Topdemir

I discovered yoga late in my 50s and gained a lot of confidence with regular practise. I want to share the joy of the first Wheel pose or the Shoulder stand with everyone who start to doubt themselves as they age. If I can do it, so can you with my help.

Flow for Balance and Stability
I worked as an engineer for 34 years and raised two boys (now men) with my husband living in The Netherlands, Scotland and Norway. I decided to leave engineering as an early retirement to pursue my passion in yoga by attending teacher trainings. After a summer of training I am now a YOGABODY Teachers College® Certified Teacher, Science of Stretching® Flexibility Coach and Yoga Breath Coach®.

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I am an amateur mosaic artist creating commissions for friends and family mostly for outdoor use. I am also a budding artist of watercolours, trying to find my voice in drawing and painting.