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Sam Juni

Diplomaed Yoga Teachers College(R) Gravity Yoga instructor and CrossFit coach - I help regular people discover how functional fitness can help you increase your mobility, get stronger, and be healthy. I have 4 years experience attending CrossFit classes and 1 year with yoga. I enjoy coaching others and seeing people of all ages and backgrounds trying something new and reaching their goals.

Hi there! I am a Gravity Yoga instructor and CrossFit coach. I was once a competitive athlete in gymnastics (age 2 to 12) and track and field (age 12 to 22). I joined the Air Force after university and stayed active until having twin boys at age 26. I struggled with low energy and stopped working out. I also spent all my energy recovering my twins from developmental delays and one has Autism. This led me to having extensive knowledge on healing the body through nutrition and exercise. I realized it was time to focus on my health as well and after a decade of inactivity, I tried CrossFit and rediscovered my love of fitness. My twins are now 15 years old and I have a 3rd son who is 10 years old. I know what it\'s like to be out of shape. Rediscovering what it feels like to move well, have energy for daily activities, and lose weight/gain strength has led me to want to help you with your fitness journey.

Self Employed: Fitness Groundwork (December 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Fitness Instructor

Halo Fitness Experience (May 2022 – Present)

Job Title: CrossFit Coach

Yoga Teachers College

25-Hr Gravity Yoga Teacher Training

Certified Gravity Yoga Teacher (April 2021)


Level 1 Course

CF-OL1 (December 2020)

I love meeting people and getting to know my students. Fitness and health are my passions, it\'s how I\'ve made friends when moving around the world, and it\'s what inspires my daily life. I love shopping: workout clothes, garage gym and yoga equipment, recovery tools... you name it and I love scouring the stores and internet for the best deals! I also enjoy cooking and trying new and healthy recipes - gluten free, dairy free, AIP paleo, GAPS, SCD are my favorite healing diets.