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Sam Marsden

Have you had an operation or injury and lost functional mobility? I can help you regain balance, strength and flexibility with specific yoga-based programs designed just for you

I got interested in Yoga during Covid as I had been very restricted with what exercise I was able to do after a hip replacement due to a sports injury. I was surprised how hard you can work out and how good it makes you feel afterwards. I joined some Yogabody challenges during lockdown, one out of interest and two to stay sane. I progressed to the short courses and finally took the plunge and did the 200hr course after my business partner told me of her intention to retire, this gave me the motivation to go back to something that I love, health and fitness. I focus on functional strength, balance and flexibility especially for those who are overcoming and injury or operation, so you are able to have good functional mobility.

Homes on the Crest (June 2006 – Present)

Job Title: Principal Property Consultant


200hr Vinyasa

200hr Vinyasa (November In Progress)



Breath Coach (October 2021)


Stretch & Flexibility

Flexibility Coach (November 2021)

Exercise Teachers Association


ETA Certificate in Fitness (April 1987)


Gym Instructors Diploma

Diploma in Fitness (December 1988)

Reebok Alliance


Step Reebok Certificate (August 1996)

Sharon Levin Training

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerbics Levels 1 & 2 Certification (November 1994)

Love doing sewing and machine embroidery Love spending time with my family and particularly my granddaughters
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