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Sabrina Klafs

I teach Science of Streching & Vinyasa Yoga Classes. My main focus of teaching is to increase your flexibility, strength and breathing technique to master stress, anxiety and to make you feel good again. #Certified Stretching Coach #Yoga Teacher #Nutritionist

I want to accompany my clients on their way to a healthier self and for this is in my toolbox: flexibility coach, yoga teacher, WildFit coach and my experience since over 20 years as a therapist.

Therapie - SK (June 2011 – Present)

Job Title: Therapist/Owner

Yogabody Teachers College

Science of Stretching

Flexibility Coach (May 2022)

Yogabody Teachers College

Vinyasa Yoga

200 Hour YTT (June In Progress)

I am also interested in and coaching healthy nutrition. My hobbies are hiking, reading and the Japanese language.