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Tiffany Caudill

B is for breathwork
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30 years of yoga practice appoints me as a highly educated yogic instructor for the improvement of the students psychological, cognitive, and physiological wellbeing. All classes include somatic asanas, flow sequences, pranayama techniques, and guided meditation with a fun inclusive attitude within ability-appropriate activities.

Fusion Yoga Studio (August 2019 – Present)

Job Title: yoga teacher

Private Contractor Yoga Teacher (July 2005 – Present)

Job Title: yoga teacher

Fusion Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga

200hr Certification (May 2014)

Laughter Yoga International

Hathsa Yoga

Laughter Yoga Teacher (April 2020)

02CollectiveOne Sky International Life Skills


Breathwork Therapy Guide Breath Mastery Advanced Fundamentals (July 2021)

Yoga Teachers College YogaBody

Breath Coaching

Breath Coach (October 2021)

Mindful Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy for PTSD

Mindful Yoga Therapy PTSD (February 2021)


Hatha Yoga

Level Two yoga teacher (March 2004)

private instruction practice

Hatha Yoga

(May 1991)

ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATES YogaFit Kids Family Community Herbalist East West School of Herbology Dementia Caretaking Child Development Undergraduate Degree Associate Early Childhood Education Degree Associate in Liberal Arts Degree CPR/First Aid PROJECTS Breath Break, weekly online group that facilitates breathwork as an enhanced therapeutic tool to restore the bodies free natural functioning. Personal YouTube channel submissions of different breathing techniques. Links used: Dan Vadnais YouTube breathwork formats, Breath Alchemy David Gieselman Zoom sessions, Dan Brule lecture and online lab work YogaBody Breath Coach network