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Sharon E Brown

Happily Married, Retired Information Systems Consultant and Yoga Instructor for 15+ years focused on harnessing the Spirit of Divine in You using movement, breath, mantra.

Angela Phillips Yoga Studio (September 2007 – March 2020)

Job Title: Instructor

Mythics (October 2007 – March 2021)

Job Title: Consultant

Oracle (October 1995 – July 2007)

Job Title: Consultant

Angela Phillips Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga

200 hours (February 2009)

Kundalini Research Institute

Kundalini Yoga

500 hours (March 2017)

YogaBody Institute

Breath Coach

Science Of Breathing (February 2023)

Va Tech

Computer Science

Bachelor of Science (June 1986)

Outdoors enthusiast: Beach, Biking, Hiking, Tennis
Relaxation Breath Practice
Balanced Breathing 4:4
Breath Of Fire