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Ryan O'Kane

Firstly, if you are reading this, thank you for taking the time. I will try to keep this brief (...or as brief as I can). To give context I spent years working in professional services/management consultancy. Over time, I became disillusioned with my own self, feeling a lack of value, purpose and overall contentment in life. I took a few years out and began working as a chef, hoping to find answers there, and tried to figure out a better direction to go in, and how to go about this. As a result of this general feeling of being a little lost and many downs and downs later (not a typo), I had to take time away as I was again going through challenges to my mental health and well-being. Through this period I was fortunate enough to have come in contact with some amazing people and privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of a range of experiences that helped me tremendously on this journey. I developed an interest in a range of lifestyle practices and tried to implement greater balance in my life. I introduced practices to my life and revived old ones. Building this practice for myself at times has been hard but the most significant journey I have undertaken and am still on. While I wouldn’t want to do it again I wouldn’t change it, my aim is to help others from having to go through or who are going through similar things. With the ebb and flow of life in these unusual times, it's becoming increasingly obvious that there is a need for certain practices for a more balanced and happier life. The application of various practices and understanding the importance of these (some old and lost; some new and found; others borrowed from different cultures) has helped me to enjoy my experiences more, alter my perception in certain areas and bring more peace and contentment to my life. Everyone, aware or not, moves through day-to-day life in varying “states”,ranging from anxiousness, joy, stress and contentment, often at the mercy of our circumstances, our minds and our bodies. Our focus, drive, appetite, and sleep to name a few can and are affected. The rise of available content within the area of "well-being" or “mindfulness” makes it clear that we are trying to figure out a way to better navigate this modern world. It's all well and good bringing awareness to how we are affected but without regulatory and healthy lifestyle practices we can't expect the changes we need and want. With time being our most precious resource these days I hope that I can help in some small way. After all, as far as we know with any degree of certainty, this is our one chance to live, accomplish our goals and enjoy this life as much as we can.

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