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Irene Aparício

I teach breathing techniques to relieve stress and anxiety, improve digestion, focus and energy, and get deep, restful sleep. Breathing is a powerful tool to regulate the nervous system and manage the daily wear and tear of a busy life.

With a background in earth sciences, I’ve always worked with NGO’s in the field of environmental and social sustainability. In the course of my work with rural communities in the interior of the country I’ve encountered increasing cases of autoimmune diseases that accompanied the escalation of agrochemical-dependent agricultural over-intensive areas. Thus, it made me began to research healthy eating and practices that impact people\'s health and improve their lives. So I started organizing workshops in the area of food and later came across Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory and the impact of regulating the autonomic nervous system on health. Then I discovered breathing practices and their value as a means we all have for organic regulation with profound impacts on health and quality of life, and decided to become a facilitator of this process. Certification as a Breath Coach is the culmination of this process and a door to share the benefits of these practices.

Freelancer (January 2016 – Present)

Job Title: Organization of events on circular economy and healthy living; Creative writing;

YOGABODY Teachers College

Breath Coach (April 2023)

Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Agronomic Engineer (June 2000)


Interior Decorator (July 2006)


Professional Training in Organic Agriculture, (April 2012)

Universidade de Coimbra

Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils (October 2014)


Agroforestry and Seed Conservation (February 2023)

Gluten-free and healthy eating; exercise for health throughout the life cycle, breathing practices for healthy living, somatic exercise, agroecology. Interior decoration and furniture restoration; Listener of podcasts about healthy and balanced living based on the latest scientific research.
Relaxing Breath
Balance Breathing
Breath of Fire