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Danielle Leonard

Hello! I'm a registered yoga instructor and flexibility coach. I'm also a runner and understand the challenges of living in a tight, inflexible body. I want to make yoga inclusive to all bodies - especially the inflexible ones (like mine). Join me in building a supportive community for serious seekers in health, balance, and acceptance.

A yoga instructor since 2015, I have a passion for sharing the experience of yoga in its various forms with people of all ages and body types, especially those who think they are not flexible enough to do yoga! Because I am an editor and writer, in my teaching, I combine my love of yoga and storytelling to create engaging and welcoming classes.

Yoga for Runners (January 2019 – March 2019)

Job Title: Course creator and teacher

Sun Yoga (January 2018 – September 2018)

Job Title: Yoga teacher

Kula Yoga Studio (June 2015 – June 2016)

Job Title: Yoga Instructor

Private Yoga (April 2018 – Present)

Job Title: Instructor

Kula Yoga Studio

RYT 200 (June 2015)

Heal Evolve Thrive

RYT 200 (January 2020)


Flexibility Coach

Flexibility Coach Certification (March 2022)

Avid runner, enthusiastic gardener, wannabe pianist, meditation practitioner, spiritual seeker, published writer and novelist, alcohol-free (3 years+), mother of three.