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To whom it may concern, We often don't realise that all the answers we are looking for are embedded deep within us. Breathing (properly), is one of the tools we can utilise to seek the answers to our questions. I started off the year with Peter looking for change. His guidance and wisdom, mixed with my hunger and direction forward created a harmonious, yet proactive dynamic. From the very beginning, during our vision call I felt very comfortable to tell Peter the what, when, why & how. I'm talking about the external factors that are influenced by what's within us and vica versa. I recommend Peter because he is authentic, emotionally intelligent and confident in his approach to helping others, in raising their own vibrational frequencies should they choose to. A balance between the theoretical and practical is the approach I suggest when you decide to change your life. The choice is yours.
- Benjamin Levy (Feb 2024)
Some time ago I decided to attend the breath course with Peter. I wasn't actually sure if this course is even for me since I have not been too patient person and although I was fully aware of the power of being present at the moment I wasn't able to comply that knowledge in my life. Here comes the big BUT this course was definitely a life changer to me . My nervous system is so grateful for having the opportunity to practice plenty, diverse breathing techniques. Peter presented me broad spectrum of possibilities of how to breathe qualitatively. He taught me how to inhale and exhale consciously. After each lesson I was provided with the videos containing various methods of breathing depending on the needs and circumstances. Depending on whether you are overstimulated or stressed or just willing to indulge yourself before going to bed. I could easily enumerate no end of advantages of this course but whoever is reading this should just go and experience it firsthand. I truly and highly recommend that course, it is the lifetime knowledge of qualititive life! The best present you might have ever received! Thank you Peter! Sending loves to Peter&Lilla
- Magda (Feb 2024)
Peter is very empathic and a great coach. He understands the aspirations and requirements of his ‘client’ and really makes an effort to best possibly fulfill these. He has a lot of know how on breathing techniques and yet remains curious and interested in finding out whether these really work for an individual case. Peter has really helped me and I can recommend his breathing coaches whole heartedly!
- Florian (May 2023)
Peter is very empathic and a great coach. He understands the aspirations and requirements of his ‘client’ and really makes an effort to best possibly fulfill these. He has a lot of know how on breathing techniques and yet remains curious and interested in finding out whether these really work for an individual case. Peter has really helped me and I can recommend his breathing coaches whole heartedly!
- Florian (May 2023)
Das Atem-Coaching hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Ich habe sehr viel spannende Dinge übers Atmen gelernt und mir wurden tolle Übungen, die auf mich abgestimmt waren, gezeigt. Sie helfen mir mit stressigen Klausurphasen in der Uni umzugehen. Vorallem die kleinen Challanges, bei denen man eine sofortige Leistungssteigerung der Atemfähigkeit erkannt hat, haben mich fasziniert und motiviert. Ich kann es nur jeden Empfehlen. Man lernt viel über sich selber und wie man mit stressigen Alltagssituationen umgehen kann. Peter ist ein sehr sympathischer Coach, man fühlt sich bei ihm wohl und kann sich ihm öffnen. Er nimmt sich viel Zeit und es steckt viel Mühe drin! Einfach Top!
- Lena Venus Tepe (May 2023)
Diese Atem Coaching hat wegen meinem Asthma sehr geholfen, ich spüre, dass ich viel besser und freier atme. Verschiedene Atemtechniken funktionieren in bestimmten Stresssituationen sehr gut. Peter erklärt die verschiedenen Atemtechniken sehr verständlich, er nimmt sich viel Zeit, um zu erklären, was und warum die verschiedenen Atemtechniken wichtig sind. Die Videos sind sehr hilfreich für das Üben zu Hause. Ich empfehle es allen, Sportlern, Kindern, älteren Menschen, Kranken und natürlich Menschen mittleren Alters, die unter maximalem Stress leben.
- Csilla Dolmany (Mar 2023)
Peter’s breathing technic course was an absolute blast! I approached him with stress management issues and asked for his advice about how to handle my sometimes incontrollable feelings and thoughts in a more effective way. I was also suffering from the physical and mental effects of an unsucsesful human reproducing procedure and I really needed support to handle and process it. During the 4 weeks course Peter tought me not only several technics of controlled breathing but he also made me aware of the mental background and benefits of it. The technics he provides are perfect for different life issues: they can be stimulating, balancing and calming as well so very useful if you are interested in self control on a higher level. Peter’s way of teaching is also very professional, he seriously pays attetion for guiding me through the breathing process, I’ve never had the feeling that we lost each other during the excercises and according to his inmediate feedback I could improve my technics constantly and fluently. I really enjoyed our sessions and I definately learned a lot! I highly recommend this course for everybody! Thank you Peter, you’re an epic pro! 👏👏👏
- Judit (Nov 2022)
What a change! I would like to recommend the course for people whom constantly under stress and having trouble to fall asleep ( tired but wired ). The course helped me to calm my nervous system down before high-stress meetings or presentations. Helped me to focus more at work & I can also help my clients to develop their jaws & longevity just simply encouraging them to use their diaphragm & breathe through their nose :) I definitely recommending the course for everyone!!! Peter thank you so much for this wonderful course
- Dora (Oct 2022)
I would like to thank Peter and his partner Liili for the nice and deep experience I have had the chance to participate since the time I met them. They both made me aware of how important is self-care in the mean of connecting both active workouts with the relaxing ones.The mindful practice concentrates on physiological regulation of your own body and the importance of breathing. That is why I decide to participate in the breathing online course organized by Peter. It was wonderful experience because I got the chance not only to learn finally how to bearth propely but also the holistic aspect, that breathing has on our body. Peter introduced me to some breathing methodes, that are very useful in the every-day life. The trainings are very professional, deep and I have to admit that Peter has huge knowledge in the field of breathing techniques. I am very glad,I had the chance to meet those two people and for sure I will continue the practise with Peter to learn even more about it. I can recommend this breathing program with complete composure!!!! Thank you for everything🙏
- Kashia (Jul 2022)
I also wanted to add to my review how Peter is helping my friend who is recovering from Covid. At the moment he has difficulty breathing after the effects of Covid, Peter is helping him with breathing exercises to strengthen his lungs and to rebuild them. This is the power of Peters breathing technique's!
- Anthea (Jun 2022)
I have been going to yoga with Peter and Lilia for almost a year and a half now. As teachers they are both so positive and creative, with every class individual. This is why I have lasted so long as you can never get bored. My flexibility has improved tremendously. At the beginning of each class Peter starts with breathing techniques which is a great way to calm down before the practice. I have learnt so much from his teachings. Breathing is something we all take for granted, but it can help so much with anxiety and stress. I also use it for my daughter to help her sleep, and recently to calm her before going in for an operation. They are both such special people who have changed my life so much for the better and made me aware of new things. Thank you both of you for everything you do!!!
- Anthea (Jun 2022)
Breath is the foundation of our existence. It seems so basic and yet so many of us breathe incorrectly, probably because it is our basic right and we don't pay much attention to it. Just like imrproper diet can negatively affect one's health, improper breatihng goes hand in hand. Can't have a full life or reach wellness potential without working on the breath. I've known this and knew that my breath was too shallow and yet I did nothing to change it... until I've discovered Peter's breath coaching. I was attracted to it because of Peter's energy which suits me so well. He is dynamic and full of life but very balanced at the same time, with a great energy flexibility - exactly the sort of skills one may want to learn. I like the way he explains things. During the course, we went through various breathing techniques and I have finally understood what it feels like to slow down by breath. I've been practicing every day too and I feel that I don't tighten my shoulders anymore. My goal is to apply this knowledge to improving my speaking. I work with clients a lot and get out of breath a lot. But since the programme, I feel like I have more room in my lungs and my throat has opened up. Thanks Peter, I will be back for more :)
- Maya (May 2022)
Many of us tend to be very anxious about everyday life and stress levels are often high. For me this was one of the main reasons I attended breathing coaching sessions with Peter, and I can truly say they're just amazing. I've learned about different types of breathing, e.g. coffee breathing, balance breathing and whiskey breathing, and to adapt the techniques for specific situations. Peters passion for what he does is apparent in the way he teaches and explains everything perfectly. He really understood and adapted to my own personal needs, showing me how to integrate these techniques into my days, improving my health and lifestyle. He has helped me so much and I would recommend him a 100%! 🙏
- Naomi (Jan 2022)
I have been practicing yoga with Peter now for 7 months and I can honestly say Peter and his partner Lilla have helped me through a very difficult period of my life with their yoga teachings, practices, kindness, generous spirits and all round energy and community you get from being a part of their classes. Specifically to the breathing techniques, I have always suffered from terrible anxiety and often struggle with sleep, and staying asleep due to the anxiety attacks. Peter’s breathing practices and teachings have not only enabled me to significantly reduce the amount of medication I need to take at night, but have also really improved my quality of sleep and ability to calm my body if I wake with anxiety in the night: an absolute godsend! I cannot speak highly enough of the teachings, practices, habits, and all round lovely energy that you get from joining Peter on this journey.
- Helena (Dec 2021)
I practice Yoga since over 20 years with some ups and downs. I practiced in many different countries, in different languages and with different teachers. With my experience I can tell that Peter is the most complete teacher. He has deep knowledge of the human body, various sports and psychology. He is a kind and empathic person and is a true inspiration. He motivates all the students in a personal way, to challenge yourself always with respect to your own body. I personally use his breathing teachings when I have troubles in sleeping and I feel much better.
- Valentina Gherardi (Dec 2021)
I've been practicing yoga with Peter for almost a year now and I would highly recommend his classes. He is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met, always happy and with a smile on his face, always ready to give his positive energy to others. He is patient and he cares about each and every one of his students, adapting the class and the techniques to each individual. His explanations are clear and he taught me how to improve and take advantage of my breathing in my daily life. I recommend Peter highly and without any reservation.
- Anita (Nov 2021)
I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 20 years and with Peter for just over a year now. He is the only teacher (along with his partner Lilla) who has kept me inspired and committed to my practice regularly. His kind, warm energy and passion to improve people's life and health really transpires in his teaching. The breathing techniques he has taught me have been invaluable during times of stress, insomnia and simply needing to relax, and I now adopt them with my children too. Peter is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend him! 🙏⭐
- Sufiah (Nov 2021)
I’ve been going to Peter’s classes for 2 years. I love his energy and passion for health & wellbeing. He has many skills to offer and a variety of ways to help people naturally using our own body and breath. I recently attended one of his retreats where we focused on breathing techniques to regulate our body and our emotions. I loved it! It was a beautiful reminder that our breath is our anchor and we can use it to our advantage when we need to, we just have to know how. Peter is very good at teaching his students about this. I would highly recommend his classes.
- Carly Sanderson (Nov 2021)
I’ve been practicing Pranayama with Peter since 2018 and hopefully for many years to come. I love to experience a wide variety of breathing techniques and to understand all the benefits with his deep explanations. Peter transmits peace and makes me feel truly balanced and full of energy after each class. I’ve learned how to breath properly and control stress and anxiety but also how to meditate. 1000% advisable! Thanks 🙏
- Raquel (Nov 2021)

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