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Peter Orosz

I am the co-founder of Our Yoga Mind and I have been sharing my knowledge on the island of Mallorca as a Hatha Yoga Teacher and a Breath Coach during the past 5 years. Are you interested to better your overall well-being with the help of Yoga Breathing? I would be happy to guide you towards a more balanced life!

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I work as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach in Mallorca. I was extremely passionate about sports from my early childhood, however it was rather a way for me to get rid of my excess energy at that time. Yoga was an interesting path crossing my way and it made me learn how to calm myself down, understand my emotions better and live a more mindful life. Nowadays, when I teach, I love to use the physical power of the asanas and combine it with my knowledge from my fitness background. I find pranayamas and the alignment of the body extremely important to understand the nervous system and to create a deeper mind-body connection.

(June 2018 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach


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