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I completed Gaynor's online rectocele and bloating course after having a prolapse following the birth of my second child. Her teaching style is phenomenal. She is explains the "science" behind each movement, giving an explanation of how the muscle groups, movements you are doing are linked to the pelvoc floor. I have learnt so much from doing this course, and most importantly to not think of the pelvic floor as an isolated system, but that it is deeply integrated to the wider body. Gaynor breaks this down and explains it so clearly. Gaynor explains each movement so wonderfully so you feel confident in how you are doing the movement. Since completing this course and encorporating some of the movements alongside my physio programme I have reduced the grade of my rectocele and it is now symptom free. Thank you for such a fantastic resource.
- Emma (Apr 2023)
Kürzlich habe ich einen Onlinekurs von Gaynor zu Pessaren belegt. Sie hat in 3x3 Stunden sehr kurzweilig, informativ und mit vielen Beispielen aus ihrer Praxis alles über die Geschichte, die Herstellung, die Anwendung und Handhabung von Pessaren erklärt. Selbst wenn man nicht an jedem Abend live dabei war, konnte ich die Videoaufzeichnungen später noch anschauen. Für mich genau das richtige Tempo, das perfekte fachliche Level und ein sehr motivierender Schub, in meiner Praxis die Versorgung mit Pessaren anzubieten.
- Katharina Gundermann (Apr 2023)
Thank you so much for your wonderful review and thank you for attending my professional pessary training. I will certainly be referring clients in Switzerland to you.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
i watched an excellent presentation (with questions) about pessaries and MyKori with Gaynor and Sandra Whittle recently. This has allayed so many of my fears as I wait to see a urogyn. I now feel part of a compassionate community and these two lwomen were lovely - kind, incredibly well informed and obviously experts in their field. I appreciated the clear honest approach and feel better informed to ask my doctor the right questions going forward. I also understand how I can makes a difference myself and am generally less frightened by my prolapse diagnosis which in all honesty was a huge shock. Thank you so much Gaynor, I really appreciate your generosity in the amount of time you give. Mary
- Mary Smith (Apr 2023)
Hi Mary I'm delighted to read you feel better informed and armed well to now pose the right questions to your doctor. Thank you for your 5* review, it is very much appreciated. I'll pass this onto Sandra also.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
I recently completed Gaynor’s advanced Pessary course and would highly recommend it for any specialist physiotherapist or nurse practioner working in this field. Gaynor shares her incredible knowledge of the many pessaries available, their uses , alternative options if one not suitable , and many case studies . Thank you for your time and passion Gaynor - this course has certainly broadened my awareness of how we can use pessaries , and I am looking forward to applying the knowledge clinically .
- Lesley -Anne Ross (Apr 2023)
Thank you Lesley-Anne for being an amazing physiotherapist. Your patients are really lucky to have you. Thank you for your great questions and interaction on the course, I thoroughly enjoyed this course.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
great zoom meeting. So much great info. It’s so lovely to hear caring experts in women’s vaginal health. Almost unheard of in other aspects of our lives. Thank you Gaynor.
- Cecilia Morrison (Apr 2023)
Thank you Cecilia for attending and your wonderful review. I'm always around if you have any questions, you are not alone on this journey.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
Thank you Gaynor for another excellent training course on pessaries and aspects of pelvic health. Your wide ranging knowledge is exceptional and your ability to share this expertise in an engaging and down to earth manner is second to none. I would highly recommend anyone to attend one of Gaynor’s courses. Personally, I would like to thank you for your selflessness in dedicating so much time and effort in promoting awareness of pelvic health issues whilst helping so many women regain confidence in their bodies.
- Wendy Donovan (Mar 2023)
Thank you Wendy for your wonderful review. It's always a pleasure to see you on my training courses and talks.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
Thanks so much Gaynor for arranging the Zoom conference. I found it immensely helpful and informative and feel it has certainly broadened my Pessary knowledge. When you speak you are very easy to understand and I’m sure many of us on the Zoom conference felt the same. Your knowledge of these products and how they work is exceptional.
- Irene Wilson (Mar 2023)
Hi Irene Thank you for taking the time to attend the talk. I'm glad you found it helpful. Thank you for your 5* review it's very much appreciated.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
Thank you Gaynor for arranging another brilliant ‘Zoom’ informative talk . I feel more empowered with each Course and the exercises Gaynor teaches us to keep going through the trials and tribulations of post childbirth.
- Susan Keighley (Mar 2023)
Thank you Susan for your 5* review and being an amazing woman who continues to find answers to help herself throughout this journey. Your observations and questions on the courses have also helped the other women navigate through what they are experiencing.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
Gaynor’s knowledge on pessaries is next to non. Every pelvic health physio should be attending this course. Explanations were clear and easy to follow. Definitely a game changer. Keep up the great work Gaynor!
- Sandra Wright (Mar 2023)
Thank you Sandra for your review, this means a lot to me. You are an amazing physio and not many know this but I'll say it anyway, you are an Olympian champion too.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
I completed the Advanced Pessary Training Course with Gaynor.It was really worthwhile.Her ability to teach in a calm, clear way was brilliant.The case studies were really relevant and interesting and her generosity in sharing information on products ,along with her extensive knowledge, all made for an excellent training in holistic assessment and treatment of prolapse. It was alot more than just a pessary course! I highly recommend it for any health professionals working in pelvic health.
- Rachel Ward (Mar 2023)
Hi Rachel thank you so much for attending the course and asking questions, keeping me on my toes! Your patients are so lucky to have you.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2023)
I’ve just completed my third course with Gaynor and look forward to many more! Gaynor’s teaching style is second to none, she is so supportive to everyone in class and will go above and beyond to provide guidance or modifications. I know more about my body than ever before, thanks to Gaynor’s tuition. She has taught me to understand what exercises my body prefers, as well as pushing myself gently and safely on the areas that need more work. I know that my prolapses have definitely improved since working with Gaynor and I feel able to live my life without doubting every move I make, or constantly worrying about what’s going on down below! The classes build on a supportive network for all those involved, something extra that I feel so fortunate to be a part of. I will be forever grateful to have found Gaynor and will continue on my journey with her for many years.
- Katrina S (Feb 2023)
Thank you so much for that amazing review Katrina. It's been an absolute pleasure training you and watching the improvements happen. :)
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2023)
My highest recommendation! I participated in Gaynor's recent class on pessaries and was totally blown away. So much information was shared, and her first-hand experience is amazing. All of my questions were answered -- it was very accessible and the teaching style was perfect. Highly recommend Gaynor's classes. Very worthwhile and I will look for more of her classes in the future. Her expertise and compassion for those facing prolapse issues is amazing. I felt so empowered and informed! Thank you so much!
- C.K. Smith (Dec 2022)
Thank you so much for this wonderful review. Keep practising
- Gaynor Morgan (Feb 2023)
Pessary course is amazing I now have a better understanding of what on offer to my patients and the difference a pessary can make to quality of life.
- Ellen Louise Hellard (Dec 2022)
Thank you for your 5 star rating, remember I'm always here for on going support
- Gaynor Morgan (Feb 2023)
Attended the Beyond Pessaries lecture and was happy to learn things my urogyno never mentioned. So happy someone with her experience and knowledge is available to help in this sometimes mysterious and confusing health issue. The playback option ia golden. Thank you Gaynor for being there for us. Hoping to catch the Pfilates classes soon.
- Deb Martin (Dec 2022)
Thank you so much for your wonderful review and your participation in the talk. I'm here any time you need to ask anything.
- Gaynor Morgan (Dec 2022)
Wow 🤩 what amazing reviews have been already left. I am a true Gaynor- Pelvic Angel convert - my wings are slowly growing to fly high with confidence thanks to Gaynor’s inspirational talks and exercise regime and learn ‘live’ also with my Rectocele and Cystocele prolapses. The NHS has its budget limitations but I was so fortunate that Gaynor was ‘introduced’ to me by the NHS physio I saw. I did the Pfilates 6 week science of stretch course and have now completed two pessary courses- the most recent being Beyond Pessaries on 22.12.22. All this and Gaynors vast knowledge have given me the confidence to persue the pessary route and improve my quality of life living with prolapse and hopefully avoid surgery- the route I was initially offered. Thank you Gaynor.
- Sue Keighley (Dec 2022)
Thank you Sue for your amazing review. I'm truly humbled by your comments
- Gaynor Morgan (Dec 2022)
There is a huge gap in info and knowledge regarding pessaries here in Italy. I have prolapse, I am still rather young and my life is an active one, I love to do high impact activities. And professionals around me always told me to stop doing those activities and never offered me a pessary as a support , even a temporary one, while I do my rehab. It's been 2 years now and I saw many professionals dealing with the PF. I had to study myself and have decided it is time I should try one pessary. then I have found Gaynor's profile on IG and did her webinar on pessaries. It was so mind opening and so informative! Full of tips only an expert like Gaynor could give me. I am so glad I found her! Thank you so much.
- Olja (Dec 2022)
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I'm glad you found me too. Remember I'm always available to answer your questions.
- Gaynor Morgan (Dec 2022)
Gaynor, thank you so much for your dedication to this area of work. Your passion for it is outstanding. I attended you Pessary course and have gained so much knowledge from it. Already I am making better clinical decisions and have the confidence to expand the range of pessaries that I am using, preventing surgery for these patients and improving their quality of life. Thank you so much. Lysa
- Lysa Coburn (Dec 2022)
Thanks for being an amazing physio and contributing to the course. Your patients are lucky to have you
- Gaynor Morgan (Dec 2022)
Gaynor, thank you so much for your dedication to this area of work. Your passion for it is outstanding. I attended you Pessary course and have gained so much knowledge from it. Already I am making better clinical decisions and have the confidence to expand the range of pessaries that I am using, preventing surgery for these patients and improving their quality of life. Thank you so much. Lysa
- Lysa Coburn (Dec 2022)
Gaynor is the pessary Guru, she has helped me and my patients to gain control over their pelvic floor and prolapse issues. She is very patient and offers private help if needed, I can highly recommend her.
- Sandra Whittle (Dec 2022)
I attended the advanced pessary course with Gaynor and thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. She is a fountain of knowledge and is passionate about her work. The content of the course was extensive and the resources provided are brilliant. Highly recommend the course and Gaynor has a teacher.
- Danielle Alebon (Dec 2022)
Thank you for your review Danielle and also for your amazing participation in the pessary training.
- Gaynor Morgan (Dec 2022)
I took Gaynor's course on pessaries for professionals and it was wonderful. Gaynor and I have developed such a lovely collegial relationship and I appreciate her contributions to the field immensely. This course was very comprehensive in the way it explains so many different pessaries, the indications for each one, and also "big-picture" items like cleaning. Gaynor provides so many resources for practitioners and laypersons, and is so generous with her time and expertise. This is a fantastic course for professionals who want to know more all about pessaries, and I know any course of hers would be great!
- Terri (Nov 2022)
Thank you so much for your review Terri, it was an absolute honour to have someone of your high standard and expertise on my course. I've also attended some of your webinars which were brilliant. Thank you
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
I found Gaynor after being diagnosed with cystocele and rectocele earlier this year. I started with her Pfilates and Science of Stretch 6 week course and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I followed this up with Gaynor’s recent rectocele and bloating course. Gaynor really is the best teacher you could wish for! She is clear and concise when explaining movements or breath work and a wonderful scope of knowledge and experience. This is so helpful to understand why we our bodies certain things and how we overcompensate or become comfortable and then need to re-learn. Gaynor really is all about her students and will stop at nothing to make sure that each and every one of us in her classes are listened to, assisted and encouraged. My symptoms have improved tremendously since learning with Gaynor and I feel very lucky to have found her! I recommend Gaynor and her classes at every opportunity and look forward to more classes in the future.
- Katrina S (Nov 2022)
Thank you so much for your review Katrina, it's always a pleasure to see you on my course. You have come so far in such a short time and such a dedicated client is always welcome. :)
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
I attended Gaynor’s 7 day Rectocele course, I was amazed at Gaynor’s knowledge on all aspects of the pelvic floor and its function within the body. Gaynor has a unique ability to explain complex pelvic physiology in a clear and concise manner that makes it easy to understand. She takes a whole body musculoskeletal approach when addressing pelvic floor symptoms in her course. Every exercise that she introduces is broken down into manageable steps that can easily be grasped. Furthermore, they are accompanied with thorough explanations on the importance of the exercise in targeting and supporting the muscle, joints, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue. I have been to numerous specialists and physiotherapists regarding my pelvic floor. I have never encountered anyone like Gaynor. She has a caring and truly gentle nature. She genuinely wants to help you in addressing and treating your symptoms. After years of trying to address my pelvic floor symptoms and having seen numerous specialists, I finally feel that am getting the help and treatment that I’ve been searching for. In the short time I have been doing Gaynor exercises from the course I have already a noticed a significant difference in the management of my pelvic floor symptoms. She is defiantly a pelvic angel and I’m so glad that I attended this course. Im looking forward to attending future courses with Gaynor.
- Jeannine Yeaman (Nov 2022)
Thank you so much for your review, Jeannine, it really means a lot to read that my program has helped you significantly. Wishing you further success, remember you always have ongoing support with me.
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
The support Gaynor provides her patients and clinicians is remarkable, she is passionate and provides excellent training for all. I can highly recommend her training course for healthcare professionals. Thank you Gaynor for everything you do for all of us women.
- Sandra Whittle (Nov 2022)
Thank you so much for your review Sandra. It was a pleasure to have you on the course, you contributed so much as a physiotherapist. Any patient would be lucky to have you treat them.
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
I have taken 2 courses/workshops with Gaynor-pfilates and rectocele. I highly recommend these courses, her website pelvic angel, and Facebook groups. Her support/guidance/resources and expertise on pessaries, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic health has been so valuable and lifechanging--has made a huge difference in my journey living with pop. Thank you!
- Kelly (Nov 2022)
Kelly you are an absolute delight to have in my class. Thank you for brining a ray of sunshine to the group. I'm looking forward to seeing you again on one of the other training courses soon.
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
I recently did the rectocele and bloating course with Gaynor. I am lucky to have met Gaynor through me being an admin on another uk prolapse group where Gaynor is a very valuable and respected member. I am so grateful that I know her and her advice, help and information is fantastic. Gaynor does so much for ladies suffering with these conditions. The course was full of help and information and exercise moves to help your rectocele and bloating which I have taken on board and have being doing each morning. It was also really interesting to learn more about the pelvic floor anatomy and fascia and how things are linked together. Thank you Gaynor xx
- Jen C (Oct 2022)
Thank you Jen for being such a valuable member of my community. It's always a pleasure to chat to you and I love the way you support so many women in the community. We need ladies like you everywhere.
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
I recently did the rectocele and bloating course by Gaynor. I found the course to be very informative especially our anatomy and how muscle groups along with the exercises all work together. The breathing techniques and massage and also a speaker on diet was included. It’s a very comprehensive course and I did learn a lot and would recommend it.
- Sandra Cook (Oct 2022)
Thank you Sandra for your 5 star review. I'm glad you took away a lot from this course. You contributed well within the course and I appreciated your questions.
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
I have recently completed the rectocele and bloating workshop with Gaynor. Like so many other women my confidence has been knocked still being diagnosed with a uterine prolapse and a rectocele 8 years ago. Being post menopausal ( I am 56) and unable to take HRT both have progressed. Gaynor’s course was full of informative and really useful information delivered with both knowledge and an infectious sense of humour!! It is very obvious that she is passionate about helping women to avoid unnecessary surgery and to live more comfortably with these issues. I will definitely sign up for more courses. Thank you Gaynor.
- Sue ingle (Oct 2022)
Thank you so much for your 5 star review Sue, keep doing those movements and day by day I hope to see you get stronger and more flexible which contributes greatly to dealing with pelvic floor issues
- Gaynor Morgan (Nov 2022)
Gaynor's knowledge, experience and kindness for women experiencing prolapse is like no one I have met in my 15 years of dealing with severe and complicated related prolapse. Because of the empowerment, knowledge and confidence I gained from this course, I was able to go back into the workforce as a retail store manager, that I was offered a year ago but I had told them that I thought I was too old to be able to perform. Little did they know that it had little to do with my age and everything to do with not being able to complete a number two successfully. By doing 30 minutes of these exercises each day, I wake up and go the bathroom every morning, without coffee or other stimulants. I have lost inches off my waist because the bloat is gone. It is worth the investment to keep working on this to continue to have my life back. My children are in college in the USA, and with me returning to work I can also have enough to both save for retirement and send each of them some extra money to help them as well. This course changed my life, my family's life. I had no idea that the pessary the doctor gave me was making my rectocele issues worse. I had no idea the difference it would make laying on my bed with my feet on the headboard while I did my morning meditation would improve my pessary placement but it has. So my husband has noticed that I have got a lot more pep in my step. Gaynor's widow and kindness has been life changing in so many ways!! I would encourage anyone to just try working with Gaynor; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is a big beautiful world out there, just try so that you too can back out there.
- Robyn (Oct 2022)
I have been so fortunate to have taken many classes with Gaynor. Before I found Gaynor, I was struggling with a weak pelvic floor after failed prolapse surgeries. She has so much knowledge concerning the pelvic floor from pessaries, breathing, to exercises. Her last class, Rectocele and Bloating Workshop, was fascinating featuring detailed explanation of the human body. She had wonderful, full body exercises to help with bloating, constipation, a rectocele, and even brought in a speaker. She is so thorough with her workshops along with being extremely kind and patient. I love taking her classes because I know I will receive current information, and she always goes way beyond the class to help each and every client. Thank you Gaynor. I feel so lucky to have found you.
- Renee Abramoff (Oct 2022)
I recently took part in Gaynor’s 7 day Rectocele and Bloating course and have been absolutely amazed at how much body confidence I have gained. Gaynor is such an inspiring, warm and unassuming tutor with a gentle, caring attitude and a brilliant sense of humour. Her kindness and ‘normality’ cannot fail to instil faith in movement. I now believe I can move forward in life and return to some of the Pilates and Yoga exercises I so enjoyed prior to prolapse. After 3 years I am now squatting again (!!) with the assurance I am doing so safely. Additionally, I am far more aware of all of the intricacies affecting pelvic floor health. A massive ‘thank you’ Gaynor.
- Wendy Donovan (Oct 2022)
I feel so grateful for Gaynor and all the work she does. I started her rectocele course very depressed about my prolapse (uterine, cystocele AND rectocele) and grieving that I might not ever being able to sing or dance or keep fit (I don’t really mind the not running anymore though) I am 64 and was wondering if I had reached the end of my active life. Well…no! Gaynor has given me the confidence to carry on, believe in my body and improve. In her course she has given us so much to work with, many exercises, explanations, information and breath work, all with a compassion and empathy that comes through even on Zoom. I am truly grateful for people like Gaynor. People like her make a better world. I will definitely book a 1-2-1 session with her in the future. Thank you!
- Nicole Hardiment (Oct 2022)
Thank you so much for your wonderful review Nicole. I am so happy you have a new found confidence. Always here to support you when needed.
- Gaynor Morgan (Oct 2022)
I have just completed the Rectocele and Bloating workshop with Gaynor. The workshop was so much more than I expected. Gaynor is a lovely, warm person who shares all of her vast knowledge and is absolutely passionate about pelvic issues and how they affect our lives. I have finished the course feeling more confident about my body and more in control. I look forward to doing more course with Gaynor in the future.
- Carol Butters (Oct 2022)
Thank you Carol for your 5 star review. It was a pleasure having you on the workshop.
- Gaynor Morgan (Oct 2022)
I’ve learned so much from Gaynor! I’ve taken two of her classes now and they have been excellent. From lots of information regarding pessaries to a Pfilates and stretching class, Gaynor imparted so much helpful information and support. She really goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the material she’s teaching. I’m so grateful I found her on Facebook! I look forward to taking more of her classes. And I hope she starts a pessary center for all of trying to live with prolapse!
- Sally (Aug 2022)
Hi Sally Thank you so much for you beautiful review. It's very much appreciated. I look forward to seeing you in more classes. Remember that there are extra free classes coming up for those who have done the Pfilates course.
- Gaynor Morgan (Aug 2022)
Gaynor, I feel lucky to have found you on the Facebook group. After searching the Internet for help in pelvic floor prolapse (feeling deflated) I accidentally came across your 6 week pelvic floor course. Gaynor has been amazing, she is extremely knowledgable, she has gone above and beyond in her advice and every area of the training. I have learnt far beyond just Pfliates exercises, giving advice on pessaries and breathing work alongside stretching. Gaynor, I can’t thank you enough, I would recommend you to anyone on the same journey as myself. What a professional and caring person you are. Will be sad to finish the course next week.
- Amelia Crowther (Aug 2022)
Thank you so much Amelia for your amazing review. I'm so pleased you joined my class. It's been an absolute delight to train you.
- Gaynor Morgan (Aug 2022)
Always gives the bet advice in such a caring , special way. It is comforting to know we are not alone with these challenging conditions. Thankyou so much Gaynor.💖💖
- Doris Clavering (Aug 2022)
Thank you Doris for your wonderful review. I've walked the path you are on and am always here to guide you. Please don't be afraid to reach out to me via messenger if you need to.
- Gaynor Morgan (Aug 2022)
I am a retired RN who worked at Stanford University Medical Center. I’ve seen a lot of gyn post ops and know the value of preventative healthcare. Gaynor excels at safe, reasonable, doable, preventative exercises and solutions such as pessaries. She provides volumes of information and gives detailed support answers to members. Her advice is safe, proven, and result oriented. There is no pressure to join anything. A member can participate or not and gain tremendous assists in managing prolapse…with or without pessary. I’m on the fence about beginning to see future use of a pessary and I feel I have gained tremendous information to guide me if that is my next move. All the pros and cons are available, all the different product information is available. No pressure ever, just kind informed intelligent advice and suggestions given. A true healthcare worker in every sense of the word.
- Jackie White (Aug 2022)
Oh my goodness, thank you Jackie for this review, you made me cry! Don't sit on that fence, get in touch with me and lets see what your options are.
- Gaynor Morgan (Aug 2022)
I have known Gaynor for a pretty long time, since I first found that I had a prolapse. The kindest and most knowledgeable person I have met, with a library of information on pessaries. Over the past few years, I have been part of some of her Pilates sessions and found them very useful, indeed. She takes the time to explain, is down to earth and its easy to be part of the class. I stopped due to torn meniscus and labral tear so needed a more focussed exercise regime. Would love to resume the sessions, once I feel stronger and would encourage others to do so as well.
- Shuba Rao (Aug 2022)
Darling Shuba, thank you so much for your review. Knees can be very painful especially with a torn meniscus. Please take it easy and you know my door is always open. Lets look at some chair exercises. x
- Gaynor Morgan (Aug 2022)
I attended the Pessaries at your Cervix talk. Having had surgery and still left with a prolapse I felt devastated. However Gaynor's knowledge of Pessaries and her enthusiasm for their benefit of prolapses, gave me hope and strength to keep persevering with a pessary, and that I will find the right one which is what I needed to hear. Life with a prolapse can be heartbreaking, yet Gaynor gives you the drive to not give up, and seems to make it feel less of a problem because there are tools, such as pessaries to enable you not just to function but to thrive. The talk was incredibly packed with all the information you need if your wanting to go down the pessary route and Gaynor is your lady for ALL things pessaries. I then attended her freeby gift to all of us who attended to join an evening of Pfilates. How can 1 person be so knowledge in one area and then show us she's an expert in exercises to support and improve the pelvic floor too!! I thoroughly enjoyed the exercises and felt so much better the following day. Thank you Gaynor for all you've taught me and shining a light into what can at times, be quite a dark place living with a prolapse/s. You have been such a blessing to me Gaynor over the past year, so a huge thank you. Also thank you for striving to improve your knowledge so you can pass that onto those who really need it. From one Welsh woman to another, a huge thank you 🥰
- Joanne Gregory (May 2022)
Thank you Joanne for your wonderful review. I'm truly humbled by your words.
- Gaynor Morgan (Jun 2022)
I attended the Pessaries at Your Cervix presentation. Gaynor was very thorough and knowledgeable about the subject of pessaries and other methods of easing prolapse symptoms. She made everyone feel at ease and I came out of the talk with the knowledge I need to take the next steps to improve my symptoms. I would highly recommend Gaynor!
- Shani (May 2022)
Thank you so much for your review Shani, I'm glad you enjoyed the presentation.
- Gaynor Morgan (Jun 2022)
I attended the advanced pessary course as I had just started work in a Urogynae department. I found the content extremely interesting and very useful to help improve my practice. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who works in the field.
- Rachel CRABTREE (May 2022)
Thank you Rachel for your wonderful review of my course. Don't forget I'm always around if you need any advice regarding the pessaries.
- Gaynor Morgan (Jun 2022)
I really enjoyed Gaynor’s recent talk: Pessaries at your Cervix. It was full of useful information. Gaynor has such a wealth and breadth of experience and knowledge and is passionate about educating others in order to help women. She is very thorough and so helpful. Very highly recommended! Thank you Gaynor.
- Christine Humphries (May 2022)
Thank you so much Christine for your review, thank you for your excellent questions during the presentation.
- Gaynor Morgan (Jun 2022)
I attended Pessaries at your Cervix talk run by Gaynor. I cannot praise her enough. She is so passionate about her work and so knowledgeable. I wish she lived in the UK and had a pessary fitting clinic as she is so professional and knows all about them.
- Zuzanna (May 2022)
Thank you so much for your review Zuzanna. Who knows maybe one day I will return to the UK. x
- Gaynor Morgan (Jun 2022)
Working with Gaynor for my breathing to help me be more present and relaxed has been a life saver! Gaynor is very calm and has a nice relaxing voice. Her technique is rivaled by none. Thank you Gaynor for helping me!
- jan keller (Mar 2022)
Thank you so much for your wonderful review Jan. I absolutely loved working with you and hope to see you soon.
- Gaynor Morgan (Apr 2022)
Gaynor recently helped me with pelvic floor recovery issues following the birth of my first child, which were severely impacting on function and quality of life. As an NHS doctor, I have seen from both sides how the system sometimes lacks the holistic and personalised care that patients need. In as little as one session, Gaynor completely turned around my recovery trajectory. My symptoms and outlook are already hugely improved and I am confident that using the exercises and tools learned, they will continue to do so. Gaynor's manner throughout was empathetic and hugely supportive. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her specialty and is passionate in sharing this to improve the field of womens health, which she is certainly doing. Thank you Gaynor!
- Rebecca (Mar 2022)
Thank you for your wonderful review. I truly hope this encourages other women to come forward and put themselves first in the line of recovery. Wishing you all the best. Keep going! You got this!
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
I thoroughly recommend Gaynor’s Pfilates classes, having recently completed the bronze level. Gaynor is such a lovely teacher, very committed to helping others with a thorough, patient approach. She has a wealth of knowledge about the pelvic floor, and uses it to provide a very individualised teaching programme. Thanks so much for all your help Gaynor!
- Christine Humphries (Mar 2022)
Aww Christine, you were an absolute delight to train. It's so lovely to see how much you have improved your fitness training. Keep it up ;-)
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Last year during covid, I participated at her online pessary fitting course. Learned a lot and still recommend this course for my physio colleagues.
- Aliz Pellei (Feb 2022)
Thank you so much for your lovely review. It means a lot. Remember just because the course is over, doesn't mean I'm not around to offer continued support to you and your team.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynor has pessary knowledge most likely unmatched by any other. Her duty of care is of the highest standard and she approaches all her engagements with utmost professionalism.
- K Janssens (Feb 2022)
Thank you for this amazing 5 star review. It means so much to me.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
The information and advice Gaynor gives is so sound. She speaks from great experience and with empathy. I have learnt so much from her facebook group. She is instrumental in empowering me, and others like me, to educate ourselves about our very challenging condition.
- Susan Douglas (Feb 2022)
Thank you Susan for this wonderful review. I'm glad my group has helped you.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynor has so much committment towards supporting women through pelvic floor issues. She has been so helpful and generous in her advice. As far as pessary advice goes she is certainly the “go to” person. I am part of her FB group and find the tips and links to resources incredibly useful. So grateful to know Gaynor 🌹
- Shuba Rao (Feb 2022)
Thank you Shuba for taking the time to leave this review. It means the world to me that I'm able to help you.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
I appreciate Gaynor’s enthusiasm and upbeat attitude. She is constantly learning and sharing new ideas and exercises in her classes. She has helped me improve my technique by providing clear feedback. This helps me feel more confident in managing my pelvic health.
- Ginny (Feb 2022)
Thank you Ginny for your review. Sometimes it's just a few tweaks of a technique that can put us on the right path to where we need to be. The YogaBody methods along with Pfilates methods have been a real life changer for me personally too.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynor has helped me to get control over my pelvic floor by stretching and strengthening. She is very patient and offers private help if needed. While I will never be without a prolapse of some sort, she has given me the confidence to be in control of it.
- Janice Miller (Feb 2022)
Thank you Janice for your lovely review. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have met and trained you.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
I have been using Gaynor's breathing guidance videos to calm with stress for a couple of weeks now, and they are wonderful! Such a soothing voice and accent, short and simple to follow homework. And some real scientific approach which was important for me. Happy to have met you Gaynor, hope we work a lot more together in the future!
- Patrick (Jan 2022)
Thank you for your wonderful review Patrick. Keep up those breathing techniques. I look forward to working with you in the future.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
I really enjoyed Gaynor's classes. And I plan to take more of her classes. She is so patient, and makes sure to answer everyone's questions. She is very knowledgeable about so many facets of pelvic floor health.
- Sara S. (Dec 2021)
Thank you for your review Sara, It was a fun class I must admit. The energy you brought to the class was amazing. It was also great to see the progress you made from the start to the end of the course.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynor's pfilates classes were extremely valuable with live teaching, videos and many extra resources for us to keep and refer to afterwards offline. Gaynor is very patient and caring, she provided supportive one on one consultation when it was requested, and validated all our concerns. Thank you Gaynor for being such a genuinely caring medical professional.
- Joanna (Dec 2021)
Thank you for your 5 star review Joanna, always a pleasure to help women who not only need my support but also act on the advice, which you have done.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynors classes have been a game changer, she is always very quick to reply to any questions we may have, her knowledge is outstanding, and she has a wealth of information which is passed on to us, and also from other HCPs who she knows and recommends, her classes are fun and varied, and the PFilates course you get to keep and can refer to the videos whenever you want, highly recommend..
- Sarah (Dec 2021)
I can highly recommend Gaynor's Pfilates classes. She deliberately keeps the classes small so that she can give each individual personalised instruction if necessary. Gaynor is always available to answer any questions, and she even arranged a zoom session just to help me when she saw that the way I was doing one of the movements was incorrect. Gaynor genuinely wants to help women improve their pelvic floor health and prolapses.
- Kim (Dec 2021)
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. Wishing you the best of health.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
I really enjoyed Gaynor's classes. Explanations were easy to follow and the workout has improved my health issues.I like the fact she gives individual attention and notices everything.
- Jane (Dec 2021)
Thank you Jane for your lovely review. I'm delighted to see improvements for you.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynor is so knowledgeable about the human body and takes any difficulties clunts may have, into account. She also is so supportive and always replies, whatever the time of day. I really appreciate the help I get from Gaynor.
- Jacqui (Dec 2021)
Thank you so much for your review Jacqui. I hope you are doing well since the course.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynor is a wonderful teacher, she is very knowledgeable explains everything clearly. I would definitely recommend her.
- Esther Stubbs (Nov 2021)
Thank you so much for your review Esther. This means so much to me coming from an amazing Physiotherapist as yourself.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)
Gaynor is super patient and teaches at my pace. I recommend Gaynor's classes, they are easy to follow and you get your own video playback.
- Alessya (Nov 2021)
Thank you for your review Alessya. I'm happy you are pleased with the video playback.
- Gaynor Morgan (Mar 2022)

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