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Gaynor Morgan

I'm a certified YogaBody breathing and science of stretch coach. For the past 25 years I've worked helping women with pelvic floor issues through Pelvic floor movement using specific exercises to help strengthen the muscles from the core to the floor.

1:1 4 week Anti Stress Breathing techniques
10 min consultation
Pfilates beginners. 4 weeks 1.5 hr per week. Pelvic floor yoga/Pilates for prolapse and incontinence
1:1 4 week 1hr pw. PTSD POST PARTUM CARE
7 day Rectocele and bloating workshop recording
Beyond Pessaries
I got into the pelvic health area due to trying to help my own mother overcome incontinence issues. Together we invented a pessary called incostress which went to clinical trial. It had an 87% success rate where 30% of women came off the surgical waiting list. Sadly mum passed away in 2004 and in 2006 I opened my business in her memory and vowed to help as many women in the world as possible overcome incontinence. I currently train clinicians in pessaries, and the conservative management in treating pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. I am also a certified Advanced Pfilates instructor training women with pelvic floor issues, and was personally trained by Dr Bruce Crawford lead Urogynaecologist and founder of Pfilates. 2021 I qualified as a breathing coach with Buteyko and Yoga Body breathing certification. I specialise in helping women who suffer with post partum depression and trauma. PTSD. 2022 I qualified as a science of stretch trainer, focusing on the science behind the biomechanics helping people move better and strengthen muscles to help them function better. I live in Belgium, speak English, French and Dutch

C&G Medicare (October 2006 – August 2020)

Job Title: CEO

Pelvic Angel Training (January 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Trainer and Examiner

Gulf Air (July 1985 – October 1997)

Job Title: Safety & Survival Instructor/Examiner

Charring Cross Hospital (June 1984 – July 1985)

Job Title: Geriatric Psychiatric Nurse

Yoga Body

Breathing Coach

Breathing Coach (October 2021)


Science of stretch

(February 2022)


Mastery Yoga Business Coach

Mastery Yoga Business Coach (January 2022)

After taking the Yoga Body Breathing course, I\\\'ve become very interested in the science behind how we breath and more importantly how we can help people through correct breathing techniques. I love helping women overcome their pelvic floor struggles. I use a holistic approach and work with medical professionals in this field. My other interests are gardening, making my own clothes and skiing when we have snow!
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