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Nesa Prem

Yoga teacher, breath and stretch coach, plus an empowered life facilitator. I am an insulin-dependent diabetic who underwent open heart surgery and became hooked on regular practices to obtain physical and mental benefits. If you want to improve your flexibility, mobility, strength, and balance but are wondering if yoga suits you, try my yoga discovery class!

Being a workaholic, I denied my body years of relaxation resulting in becoming overly stressed and depressed, escalating to stiffness, poor mobility, experiencing sciatic nerve pain, and being out of balance. One day I decided enough was enough and walked into a yoga studio and signed up. Despite the pain, I continued and found that this holistic mind-body practice opened my body to improve mobility, flexibility, posture, and general health. As a result, today, I enjoy an active, happier, healthier ME.


Breath Coach Training

Certified Breath Coach (February 2023)


21 Day Happy Back Program (April 2022)


Stretching Coach Training

Certified Stretching Coach (March 2023)

Empowered Life

Certified Empowered Transformation Facilitator (September 2021)

The British School of Yoga

Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga)

Yoga Teacher Diploma (November 1999)

Inernational Correspondence College

Fitness & Nutrition

Diploma (June 1999)

Applied Anatomy Exam
Foundation Exam _ Standing Finishing Seq