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Nancy Piorkowski

Welcome to my yoga page. Currently I am in process of transitioning from current business into teaching yoga. There have been a couple set backs so it is taking a little longer than expected. Yoga training coming soon!

I have been a self-employed massage business owner since Sept 2007. I took a class to learn how to teach others using the yoga trapeze and was certified Aug 2021. I’ve also have a BAS in business mgmt since 2005. I’ve been in the business and massage world for many years and love helping my clients. I’ve educated myself on health management and am always researching new methods of natural ways to live. I pass what I learn along to my clients. I enjoy learning new ways to help others live a healthier and more balanced life.

Nature’s Harmony Massage (September 2007 – Present)

Job Title: MT/Owner

(January In Progress)