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Nancy Porteous - Live Life Well

I learn new things, all the time, about how to live life well, but it's not a secret. We're made of 4 dimensions: body, mind, heart and soul. We can help ourselves in 6 ways: eat well, move well, rest well, reduce toxins, practice informed self-care and participate proactively in our medical care. Here in our Live Life Well digital studio we can gather, move, share and receive from each other. Welcome, join in as we enjoy Living Life Well together!

Working on a Goal: 1 month Stretch Yoga classes
115.00 CAD
Make it a Habit: 3 months Stretch Yoga classes
310.00 CAD
BIG Changes: 1 year Stretch Yoga classes
1100.00 CAD
Try A Class: Flexibility Coaching Stretch Class
13.00 CAD
Try it on your Own: 5/20 minute stretch videos for 1 week
17.00 CAD