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Hi, I’m Nadine, I’ve practiced yoga for almost 30 years. iscover the benefits of yoga and breathwork not only in class, but how it helps every day. How it helps regulate your nervous system, bring a sense calm and stability. Yoga and breathwork help with stress and reduce anxiety while helping regain range of movement, improve flexibility and build strength.Clink on the links below to find out more about me, classes and private tuition.

I began practicing yoga when I was 18 to help relieve persistent headaches. Not only did yoga ease the pain and frequency of them, but I discovered yoga made my body stronger and my mind calmer. I’ve tried various styles over the years but, in my twenties, I fell in love with ashtanga yoga and in my thirties, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a month in Mysore, India - the home of ashtanga yoga. Over the years, my practise has morphed into hatha with an ashtanga influence. Yoga brings calm and balance to my life, and I find moving through the postures, sequences very soothing and mediative. It brings benefits on and off the mat. I have taken my mat and practiced on it around the world - on holidays and work trips. It has seen me through so much in my life and that history, those experiences are there with me every time I practise. I love my own practice, but I also love classes and workshops. They bring different perspectives and inspiration, and an injection of energy into my life. It is always interesting to meet and learn from the experiences of others. I first started running yoga classes for my work colleagues at Durrell Zoo in Jersey. I normally hate being the centre of attention when having to give talks and presentations, but I discovered I really enjoyed teaching yoga. The mindfulness of the practice and coaching helped ground me and I felt so privileged to share this special time with everyone in class and see them leave with a greater sense of calm and balance to deal with the pressures of life. I am enjoying developing my interest in how yoga and breathwork can help with chronic illness. I am also exploring the benefits of connecting with nature on health and wellbeing and how simple fitness exercises combined with being outside can help us all. Yoga is a lifelong practice. Your body and are mind are continuously evolving. The body and the mind you bring to the mat are never the same twice. No two days are ever the same.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes (July 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Coach

Innerpeace Pilates Studio (November 2022 – February 2021)

Job Title: Cover Yoga teacher

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (January 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Coach


Yoga Flow Teacher Training

RYS 200h Yoga Alliance Certificate in yoga teacher training (November In Progress)


Breathwork Coach

15hr Yoga Alliance YACEP & ACE Registered Course (July 2021)

Being out in nature Volunteering with conservation groups and for The Dogs’ Trust and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Walking Tending my vegetable garden Photography Reading Trying different crafts, though I don’t seem to be very good at any, it’s fun to try.
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Taster session - Private Yoga Practice
Private Yoga Practice
Taster Session - Breathwork Coaching
4 Week Breathwork Coaching Course