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Margo Schaefer

Certified Yoga Breath Coach®. Science of Stretching® Certified Stretching Coach. If you're feeling tight in your hamstrings or less range of motion when completing everyday tasks or during your sport, my Targeted Mobility or Vinyasa Flow class is for you. My 24 years as a flight attendant taught me that movement is like medicine for longevity.

Private Science of Stretching
Private Vinyasa Flow

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Etihad Airlines (January 2009 – December 2020)

Job Title: Cabin Crew Coach/Supervisor

Midwest Airlines (August 1996 – October 2008)

Job Title: Flight Attendant Coach/Supervisor


Certified Breath Coach (August 2022)


Targeted Mobility/Flexibility

Certified Stretching Coach (May 2022)


Teacher Training 200H

Yoga Instructor (November 2022)

I look forward to helping you!
SCIATICA from Periformis Impingement
Vinyasa Flow Healthy Hamstrings and Hips