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Monica Donosso

Busy parents who worry about their kids sitting on electronics too much? I help kids get strong through my 15 Fun Minutes to Strong Kids programs. Join and see the difference!

I am a fitness trainer with an ACE Youth Fitness Specialization. Fitness is my passion, so I constantly try to improve my skills by practicing or taking on new education. Currently I am certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer, YOGABODY Stretching Coach and YOGABODY Breath Coach, Dragon Door Kettlebell Instructor. I am also a student of the SpiderFIt Kids Youth Physical Literacy Specialist Program, the Biomechanics Method for Corrective Exercises, and Precision Nutrition coaching. I am also a mom concerned about the future of our children in a sedentary society. It is my mission to educate busy parents who do not have enough time to go into a gym on how they can workout from home in only 15 fun-filled minutes a day with their children and also achieve more family bonding while doing it. I work a sit down job as well as an accountant, so I understand how hard it is to squeeze in time for health or fitness in your life. My proposition is win-win situation for both parents and kids and the family unit! This is the exact reason why I founded Move B Happy to help as many families and kids as I can.

Les Mills (January 2019 – March 2020)

Job Title: Group Fitness Instructor

Move B Happy, LLC (October 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Owner, CEO

American Council on Exercise

Group Fitness Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor Certification with a Youth Specialization (December 2020)

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer (October 2020)

Dragon Door

Hardstyle Fit Level I Kettlebell Instructor

Hardstyle Fit Level 1 Instructor Certification (September 2021)


Breath Coach

Breath Coach Certification (August 2022)


Stretching Coach

Stretching Coach Certification (September 2022)

Youth Fitness, HIIT, Bodyweight Training, Kettlebells, Stress Relief, Mobility and Flexibility.
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