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Mila Popovich Geoui

Your breath is your powerful safe space! Let’s do some breathwork to level up self-regulation & energy! My mindfulness & breath journey started in 2008. Founder of Breathia App,launch in Sept. 2022! After 20 years I left the corporate world in 2020, spreading word, learning & teaching about breathwork&mindfulness.To Your mighty Breath!Yours, Mila

Private Online Classes 4 Weeks (4x45 minutes) Breathing & Mindfulness + follow-up+ Community Membership
149.00 EUR
Online Interactive Workshop for Groups 90 minutes (group of 2 participants at least)
25/person EUR
Dear Reader, There is a thought: without consciousness of breath, real mindfulness is not possible? I do believe so. And from a pure scientific angle: a ratio relationship between oxygen and carbon dyoxide is the real trick during breathing and we can all learn how to control our breath with simple but effective modern yoga approach practices. My journey with breath, meditation and mindfulness started back in 2008. But as most of us, my practice has been on and off for several years. What does it take to build a new great habit and stick to it? We can work on that together, so that you stop asking yourself: who is the boss, me or my bad habits, food and drink addictions, because you are the Boss and not your bad habits and busy mind! As a graduate of Yoga Teachers College I am happy to be in this great, inspiring community. I am also a founder of Breathia App- in progress, launching in September 2022. I trained in political sciene and MBA, my former professional corporate background includes journalism, sales, makering, finance, banking. Finally, I left the corporate world in 2020 during pandemics to pursue my life goal learning more, spreading word and teaching about breathwork. To Your mighty Breath! Yours, Mila

Yoga Teachers College

Breath Coach

(October 2021)

Breathwork, foreign languages, music, yoga practices, sports, mindfulness, meditation, travelling, education for young children and teenagers
Your breath as your safe space