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Mike Mayberry

8 years ago, I sought yoga for lower back and hip aches; local classes were great but fell short of the deep stretch I could feel my muscles needed. COVID led me to find the Science of Stretching™ and transformed my flexibility. Now a stretch coach, let me help you online or in person to maintain and improve your flexibility for longer into life.

Private Class; online or in person
Yoga for Rowers - Every Thursday at the Yacht Club 7-8pm
4 group yoga sessions for the price of 3

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Having practised the Science of Stretching™ for two years as a supplement to all of the sea kayaking I do, I trained as a coach in order to help you stretch the areas which get tight through your daily work or exercise routine. Currently your tight hips, hamstrings and spine show up as aches in your lower back, shoulder and neck. As an experienced coach I am used to breaking things down into very small steps to help you find the right position you need to increase your flexibility, mobility and remove those aches we don\'t need to accept as part of getting older.

Mayberry Kayaking (April 2006 – Present)

Job Title: Owner


Stretch Coach Training

Science of Stretching™ Coach (September 2023)

Kayaking, Cycling, Walking, Chess and Gardening with a dream to go live in a van.
Sunset Yoga on the Quay